Grillin Fools Gives a Shout Out to Bottle Cellars

A South County BBQ master and blogger discovers Bottle Cellars in Oakville. See what he thinks.

Greg Thomas, Tom Jones and Scott Thomas are the Grillin Fools, three St. Louis guys who love to BBQ and share their knowledge for all things grilled on the web. They've been featured on the cover of Feast Magazine, on KSDK and nationally on The Wall Street Journal.

Scott Thomas also happens to live around Oakville, and he raves in a Grill Fools post about discovering the Bottle Cellars on 6039 Telegraph Road.

I really appreciated the fact that Patrick didn’t try to gouge me for a big event like Thanksgiving as some other wine stores might do. I was willing to spend as much as I did that day for one bottle and wound up with three, and since I’m rehabbing my house, I need as much bang for my buck as possible. And the fact that each bottle was amazing tells me that their wine knowledge was outstanding. I gave them a little about what I like and they nailed my taste to a tee in about ten seconds.

You can read the rest of the post on Grillin Fools here.


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