Non-Profit Dedicates Oakville Home for Adults with Disabilities

The home on Amberglow Drive in an Oakville neighborhood now houses four adults with developmental disabilities, thanks to the Bellwether Foundation and Rainbow Village.

Four adults with developmental disabilities moved into their new Oakville home funded and prepared by Rainbow Village and the Bellwether Foundation.

"This is a terrific home, and we hope you're here as long as you wish to be," said Jim Fogle, past president of Rainbow Village, to the four new residents of the home: Larry, Beth, Mary Kay and Phyllis.

Rainbow Village—which has built more than 40 homes for adults with disabilities in the St. Louis County area—dedicated the home to the Bellwether Foundation after the foundation provided $25,000 for a down payment on the Amberglow drive home. 

"We all know how essential it is to invest in neighborhood homes, and this is an investment," said John Judd, representing Senator Jim Lembke. 

All four adults said they loved their new home and gave tours of their rooms to Rainbow Village and Bellwether Foundation staff at the dedication Tuesday.

Beth, who'd never had her own room before moving into the house, decorated her new space with pictures of her family, paper chains she made at camp and lots and lots of memorabilia of her favorite singer, Elvis. Beth said she chose the room for its green walls.

Click through the media gallery above to see photos of Beth's room as well as more photos of the house.


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