Incidents From the Bi-State Wildlife Hotline Rescue Log

For wildlife issues and assistance, reach the group 24/7 online at www.wildlifehotline.com, by phone at 636-492-1610, or by email at help@wildlifehotline.com.

We are the Bi-State Wildlife Hotline, a not for profit, 501(c)3 tax exempt organization that assists the public with wildlife conflicts, questions, rescues and rehabilitation. Our hotline operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is answered live by wildlife specialists throughout the state of Missouri, as well as Illinois. We are 100 percent volunteer-based (and always looking for more!), and we receive no state or federal funding. The Hotline survives on private donations from people like you!  

We can be reached online @ www.wildlifehotline.com, by phone @ 636-492-1610, email @ help@wildlifehotline.com or visit us on Facebook & Twitter @ & @WildlifeHotline.  

The following is the rescue call log answered by the Wildlife Hotline during the week of 11/12/12.  








Independence, MO

Opossum getting into garage at night when caller leaves door cracked for stray cats. Wants to trap or kill opossum.  Referred by KC Humane Society & Animal Control Dept.

Discharge of firearms prohibited in city limits. Advised of how to feed cats and keep opossum out, or cease feeding.



Affton, MO

Injured squirrel in yard, acts like hind legs do not work. Referred by St. Louis Animal Control.

Picked up squirrel. Spinal injury, probably got by dog, humanely euthanized.



Arnold, MO

Found baby squirrel in front yard, screaming and climbing on people.  Referred by Humane Society of MO.

Attempted reunite. Reunite failed, picked up baby – admitted as orphan. Plan release before 12/25/12.



Sedalia, MO

Doe with injured leg, fawn with her. Still mobile and able to walk/run but not using front leg.

Dispatched rehabber to assess. Unable to approach doe, advised caller.



Centralia, IL

Doe hit by car, unable to stand.  Referred by Animal Control.

Dispatch DNR to euthanize.



Kennerly Rd. St Louis, MO

Fox with mange, unapproachable but visible every day in field/common ground near children.

Dropped bait to treat mange.



University City, MO

Squirrel stuck in drainage hole of dumpster behind soup kitchen.  Cannot get out, screaming for help.  Residents/Staff unable to assist without getting bit. Referred by Stray Rescue of St. Louis.

Dispatched rehabber, used olive oil to extricate squirrel. Uninjured, no rehab needed, re-released to wild.




Kirkwood, MO

Raccoon out during day, circling, unable to climb, seizures.  Referred by Animal Control.

Probable distemper. Dispatched rehabber, euthanized raccoon.



Creve Coeur, MO

Pelican spotted @ Creve Coeur lake, unable to fly but flaps wings for long periods of time. Possibly caught on something? Near Heartbreak waterfall on path by first bench.

Dispatched rehabber, confirmed that pelican can fly and is not stuck.



Cole County, MO

Dog killed doe in yard. Finder wants to have meat processed.  Referred by police dept.

Advised to call MDC to get temp tag number for processing.



Wildwood, MO

Yearling doe with wire snare stuck on neck. Has been on neck for 7+ days, eats corn from resident’s feeder every morning – semi-approachable. Noose getting tighter and doe is tripping over corn when she walks. Worried that she will get caught on something or strangle herself.

Dispatched, attempted to approach but could not. Still in talks with MDC about possible tranquilizing agent.



St. Ann, MO

Raccoon not mobile in yard, unable to walk/stand.  Referred by police dept.

Probable distemper, raccoon picked up and euthanized.



Harristown, IL

Ameren Electric workers inadvertently injured owl in knothole of tree. Need assistance in getting owl out of hole and in to rehabber. Willing to use bucket truck to lift a rehabber to owl, but not willing to handle animal.

Referred to Illinois Raptor Center. Owl still in their care.



Belleville, IL

Raccoon – probable distemper, out during day, can’t walk.

Dispatched rehabber, euthanized.



St. Louis City, MO

Bat found in recessed light fixture on ceiling. No possible contact/bite, no children, no pets. Referred by police dept.

Advised caller to put glove on broomstick and let bat grab on, release on tree or raised porch at dusk. Bat released back to the wild.




Collinsville, IL

Songbird stuck in mouse glue trap.  Referred by Treehouse Nature Center.

Rehabber dispatched, picked up bird, got her out of glue trap. Still flying normally, released back to wild.



Chesterfield, MO

Chesterfield Police Department – Officer has raccoon under a trash can that was following people around and out during day. Residents worried about kids and pets. Officer was worried about rabies.

Advised officer of distemper outbreak in Chesterfield, picked up raccoon, euthanized.



Florissant, MO

Coyote with mange lying out in sun near pond where geese live. Resident concerned about how close she can get to him.  Referred by Florissant police dept.

Dropped bait to treat mange, will check on him in a week.



Wildwood, MO

Distemper raccoon in front of church during choir practice.  Won’t leave, approaching people.

Picked up raccoon, euthanized.



Fenton, MO

Blind raccoon caught by residents, in carrier, needs pickup/rehab.  Referred by WRC High Ridge.

Picked up, started seizing, probable distemper, euthanized.



High Ridge, MO

Golf course – distemper raccoon sitting by clubhouse front door, approaching people, barely walking, stumbling.  Referred by WRC High Ridge.

Distemper – picked up, euthanized.



Chesterfield, MO

Young lizard found in home, ½ inch long, resident worried about releasing him in cold weather.  Referred by Humane Society of MO.

Released back to wild at warmest time of day in direct sunlight. Advised resident baby lizards are fine on their own after birth, will hibernate.



Town & Country, MO

Owl hit by car, side of Mason rd. Motorist waiting with him, but does not have box to transport him.  Referred by police dept.

Dispatched rehabber – DOA at scene. Disposed of owl.

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