The Fiscal Cliff And Expiring Tax Cuts For The Rich: A Common Sense Solution From A No-Nonsense Guy

Wisdom from the one that should have been elected, Congress, Lt.Gov., something good.

As a good Democrat, I agree with Obama that letting the tax-cuts of the rich expire (and the experts say there are not enough deductions to accomplish the same thing through limiting them) and using that money to reduce the debt, or for teachers, infrastructure and such stimulus, or to avoid tax increases for the middle-class who spend a higher portion of their income and thus the money would help the economy improve faster, is the sounder fiscal policy.  

But the Republicans in the House are dead-set against it to protect their rich Republican friends.

And playing chicken with the fiscal cliff doesn't seem to most to be a good idea.

So will one of those Phi Beta Kappa Mensas on either side of the aisle in DC please suggest that the two sides split the difference and let 1/2 the tax-cuts for the rich expire, and the other half continue for some reasonable period of time, and let's move on to deductions and other issues to avoid the fiscal cliff disaster?  Whichever side proposes it first will gain lots of capital (not Bain Capital) with the voters, and woe be unto the other side that opposes such a reasonable and natural compromise, in my opinion.

Bill Haas
St. Louis

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” Mahatma Gandhi

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PaulRevere November 21, 2012 at 12:43 AM
Pie charts are "crust" without the filling. Charts mean nothing, unless you see that Govt employee Payroll/Benefits and vacations and health insurance are all lumped in those big soc sec and medicare numbers. That is why Insurance companies can handle the whole process "CHEAPER". Our Govt is hiding the "Administration" payroll in your "Pie" Pieces. So, I would challenge you to get etails of every expense included in the social security budget. You would be amazed how much is NOT going to the Retirees. Need a start? RENTS! need more? Computers , technology, consultants, internet, Administrator PAYROLLS, Pensions, more!! more!!. It's the biggest rip off happening to YOU and I. Yet blind-mind zealots like you refuse to listen to the truth. Only someone who "drinks the blood of Govt." would ignore the comments of others trying to present alternative facts. Is that YOU.? It takes manpower, property and equipment to RUN any Program-- The Govt does not care what they pay , because it is NOT their money. Just what can't you understand.? Ever consider: Eliminating the whole soc sec admin would save Billions/Trillions over 10 years. Entitlements are Annuities, private sector expertise. Retirees could have commercial-annuities. Our Senators and Congressmen (R's & D's) know diddly how to FIX something THEY THEMSLEVES Created. La-La land congress with non-executive leadership will not FIX anything. Too many chiefs-not enough Indians. Zero business minds
mike k November 21, 2012 at 05:00 AM
I initially believed Obama's intent was to destroy this country by turning it into a socialist welfare state as punishment of the whites in America for their ancestors enslaving blacks. Now that he has been re-elected we shall see if he is willing to work with Congress to bring the deficit under control through tax hikes and entitlement cuts in order to save the US dollar and prevent a total economic collapse. I'm concerned he will however even push for higher taxes on the wealthy and combine that with additional give away programs to the leaches of our society resulting in muti trillion dollars deficits that will crush our economy. Which will win out, the desire to preserve this country as a land of opportunity for his children or turning this country into a socialist wasteland. I hope for the best but fear the worse.
mike k November 21, 2012 at 05:56 AM
sorry, I meant to say leeches of society not leaches. However, the best way to remove a leech is find the orafice where the leech is feeding, use a tool to dislodge the leech from the area in which he sucking, and flick him off quickly as the leech will attempt to reattach itself. Very similiar to trying to dislodge our gimmie gimmie you owe me American underclass from our free phone, free health care, free food stamps, free welfare government programs wouldn't you say.
Jim Davis November 21, 2012 at 02:55 PM
Does some of the commentary coming out of Washington sound scarily, eerily familiar? Isn't that how many dictatorships or take overs get started, by inflaming the passions of the masses? Telling them that the privileged classes are the enemy? It's a proven formula for success; for those seeking power. Our leaders need to start leading and stop pandering to base and/or basic human weaknesses, such as suggesting that government programs are free. Hopefully our leaders will get the message.
mike k November 21, 2012 at 03:43 PM
I doubt it. I understand Obama has already started his campaign for four more years


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