Dunkin' Donuts Begins Construction in Oakville

The proposal drew a strong reaction from the community during a public hearing in June 2011.

Construction on a Dunkin’ Donuts has started in the Telegraph Shopping Center, and an open date is predicted in October or November. 

more than a year ago, the doughnut shop drew concerns from the community. 

over traffic at a public hearing in June 2011. The space was a formerly a Jazzercise exercise facility, with a one-month notice to relocate. Webster Groves-based Breihan Properties owns the shopping center. 

The proposed fast food restaurant will be a freestanding building with 32 seats on the inside and 12 seats on the outside. It is also expected to eliminate 31 of the shopping center’s 368 parking spaces.

Franchise owner Michael Geller was unreachable, but Debbye Bimslager, the manager of the Dunkin' Donuts location in Kirkwood, said the store would be open before the end of 2012. Geller owns stores in Kirkwood and Rock Hill. Another location in Ellisville will open in September, Bimslager said. 

The St. Louis County Planning Commission gave unanimous approval for the Dunkin’ Donuts in June 2011 despite residents’ concerns over the site.

Lighting, landscape and fencing concerns were specifically addressed for the homes on Golden Valley Drive, which is located behind the proposed 24-hour coffee and doughnut shop.

Revised drawings and additional documentation—provided by Geller’s engineer—show 150 linear feet of 6-foot tall fencing, 30 bayberry shrubs that can grow to a height of 9 to 15 feet and shadow-box lights not to exceed 16 feet in height. The lights are designed to illuminate downward rather than fan out.

There was no discussion of sound, nor was there any discussion of traffic concerns.

However, nearby Birchwood Estates residents who attended the meeting in June 2011 cited their concern about traffic.

“It’s going to be a nightmare,” said Matt Cash, who lives on Golden Valley Drive. He is concerned about extra traffic generated by cars entering and exiting the lot from Telegraph Road.

“Why not put it (Dunkin' Donuts) on Pottle and Telegraph? There’s a vacant carwash, it’s an eyesore and it has its own entry and exit,” he said.

Dennis Banker, who lives in Birchwood Estates and attended the meeting, is still not happy with the prospect of a doughnut shop open 24/7, but was pleased with some changes.  

“I think we won some concessions tonight,” he said. 

“We will do our best to be a good neighbor,” said Geller of residents’ concerns. His mother and aunt operate several Dunkin' Donut franchises in New Jersey.

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jannette turner September 04, 2012 at 03:32 PM
Its about time a good donut shop is opening is Oakville! Krispy cream donuts are nasty. The other donut shop on telegraph is expensive. as for the traffic on telegraph, it doesn't matter where they put the dunkin donuts, anyone who drives on telegraph can tell you that oakville ppl are rude when it comes to letting ppl out of a parking lot or side street. telegraph is one of the most dangerous roads especially during rush hour.
Francesco Loforte September 04, 2012 at 04:16 PM
Well you certainly get what you pay for. Dunkin Donuts ships frozen donuts to their locations and then they are baked. A real donut is hand made fresh every morning from fresh ingredients, hand rolled, hand cut, fryed and finished by hand. As for price, Dunkin Donuts charges .98 cents for a regular donut, and $1.40 for fritters & rolls. The "other" donut shop on Telegraph, which I assume you mean is Ex Cop Donut Shop, only charges .85 cents for their donuts and $1.29 for the huge fritters and cinnamon rolls. Now you tell me which is the better value here??
Karl Markl September 04, 2012 at 10:45 PM
If you noticed, in the last Patch survey of best dounuts, Dunkin Donuts was at the bottom for best tasting donut preferences. Dunkin Donuts also have watered down coffee with little or no taste. I will support the Ex-Cop donuts because he is a little guy just getting started. It is obvious that Dunkin Donuts is trying to take business from the little guy (Ex-Cop.) No thanks, I will patronize other donut places like Donut Stop, Ex-Cop Conuts, McArthur's, or Schnucks.
Lucas September 04, 2012 at 10:52 PM
I am glad the store is finally going in. More development, more jobs and more opportunities for Oakville and Mehlville. This is a busy road that already has so much retail and traffic, at least people will get jobs and tax revenue will be generated. At least someone is building businesses rather than shutting them down. The pool hall, the 7-11, all of these closings will impact us eventually if it is not replaced with other choices. Good luck to the owners and the employees!


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