Restaurant Inspections: Tequila's, First Watch and More

See how your favorite restaurants rank on St. Louis County health inspections.

Patch examined inspection reports in Affton, Mehlville and Oakville from May 9 until May 23. Information has been compiled using publicly available data published to the website of the St. Louis County Health Department

Restaurants are rated on a scale of A to C, with A being the best. Inspectors also give a score indicating the percentage of compliance with inspection standards. 

Unless otherwise noted, all inspections were conducted on a routine basis.

My Big Fat Greek Food Truck, 4562 Lemay Ferry Road
Inspection date: May 9 opening
Grade: A (100)
No comments

Classic Dogs & More, 3533 Ritz Center
Inspection date: May 14 opening
Grade: A (96)
Comments: Replace missing thermometers in refrigerator and freezers. Toothpicks need to be wrapped or dispensed. Debris in drawers needs to be cleaned. Eliminate wicker and knife block. Missing sanitizer test strips need to be replaced.

Jack in the Box, 4292 Bayless Ave.
Inspection date: May 14
Grade: A (98)
Comments: Has cracked towel rack. Found upstairs locker for small handheld utensils filled with hand sanitizer.

, 5496 Baumgartner Road
Inspection date: May 15 complaint
Grade: A (100)
Comments: Discussed complaint with Jose Hernandez, manager/owner regarding a customer getting sick after eating at facility on March 24. Approximately 18 chicken/shrimp meals were sold on that day, 31 shrimp meals, 25 chicken meals, 96 beans and rice and 121 lettuce/tomato. Food temperatures are good. Facility uses approximately 135 pounds of shrimp and 500 pounds of chicken a week. Employee used tongs for lettuce (no bare hand contact of ready-to-eat foods). Discussed handwashing and cross-contamination. They have not had any sick employees and there have been no other complaints.

, 5453 Telegraph Road
Inspection date: May 16 opening
Grade: A (95)
Comments: Replace broken thermometer in the pizza prep table. Wiping cloths on counters need to be stored in sanitizer. Clean debris build up in pizza prep table.

, 5406 Southfield Center
Inspection date: May 16
Grade: A (97)
Comments: Labels on bulk bins not readable. Found pipes at stove still dirty. Floor in walk-in freezer was full of plastic ties.

, 10205 Gravois Road
Inspection date: May 16
Grade: A (97)
Comments: Found bottom-side of broiler blackened with build-up of food debris. Floor in walk-in cooler in basement has buildup of ice. Found several broken light shield in kitchen.

Ponderosa, 6516 Lindbergh Blvd.
Inspection date: May 17
Grade: A (98)
Comments: Soft serve brushes have pink and black tint. Almost all refrigeration units have torn or loose door gaskets. Baked potato drawer sticking, not closing. Tile grout at salad bar full of food debris. Found light on buffet not working and temp light with cords hanging down.

First Watch, 5646 Telegraph Road
Inspection date: May 17 complaint
Grade: A (100)
Comments: Spoke with Jeff Beierman, manager on duty regarding customer getting sick after eating at the facility on May 15. Two chickichanga's were sold that day, 4 burrito Vera Cruz, 11 other chicken dishes, 6 other dishes with chorizo, 14 dishes with sour cream, 35 dishes with roasted onions and approximately 45 servings of fruit cups. Out of 158 customers served that day, there have been no sick employees and no other complaints.

, 5661 Telegraph Road
Inspection date: May 18
Grade: A (92)
Comments: No person on duty with the food protection certificate. Hep A records are incomplete and need to be updated. Missing thermometer in the refrigerator needs to be replaced. Eliminate cardboard on shelving.

Grant’s Farm Braut Haus/Hospitality Bar, 10501 Gravois Road
Inspection date: May 22
Grade: A (99)
Comments:  Using color dots and tape grid on wall in bar and kitchen. Found cups in bar with used wiping towels stuffed in them. Knife rack in kitchen on backside was dirty. Floor tiles by kitchen backdoor broken and missing.

, 11428 Concord Village Avenue
Inspection date: May 22, complaint
Grade: A (100)
No comments.


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