Visions for Vacancies: 4242 Telegraph Road

The space next to Andre's Banquet & Catering is closed and empty, so we want to know: What kind of business do you want to see move in?

The shopping plaza on Telegraph Road near Forder Road is becoming more and more of a destination.

Andre's Banquets and Catering brings parties, weddings and events to the center. Dunkin' Donuts just opened a new store there. And Comic Headquarters draws comics lovers from all over, especially on Free Comic Book Day.

But the business at 4242 Telegraph Road is just a big empty square with a makeshift cardboard sign: "Closed for business." The last business to occupy the space was Ride the Rails billiards bar.

So we want to hear from those who know Mehlville best: What kind of business should move into that empty spot? What would compliment the other businesses in the area? What do we need?

Leave your comments in the section below!

April Milligan January 22, 2013 at 02:15 PM
The shopping centers in Oakville need a makeover to attract successful businesses. The strips are blighted and an eyesore. I recommend tearing them down and starting over or asking the slumlord to remodel the ugly structures. Until this happens we will not attract the best businesses to the area. What we do not need is another gas station or bank!
Charlotte Strunk January 22, 2013 at 08:19 PM
Even a GOOD paint job and a revamp of the entire parking lot would help a lot. Many times you can tell the facilities by the way the parking lot looks.


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