Vote: Polling Patchers on Best South County Fries

The second round of this week's South County Food Fight invites you to vote from the finalists in this week's challenge: Best french fries in the area.

It's time to vote now in the second phase of this week's South County Food Fight. You've given us your nominations. Now, it's time to vote from among the finalists. Who do you think serves the best fries in South County and Arnold?

Here's who we've picked as the finalists from the nominees on our story and from Facebook.

  • : Winner of , this one got the nod as a nominee in the Fry Fight. Would you put it on top of your list?
  • : This place has been around since 1995 on Telegraph and features bar food — and fries certainly qualify.
  • : They say it right in the name. Does that mean they're the best in the realm?
  • : Here's an entry from High Ridge that gets raves from its fans. The owners rave about their return visitors.

So the rest is in your hands now. You'll have till 5 p.m. Friday to vote for your favorite french fry place in this Food Fight. We'll announce the winner on Saturday morning.

Thanks, and as always, happy eating!


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