Best Sledding Hills in Mehlville, Oakville and South County?

We've listed some of the well-known hills, but can you add an under-the-radar gem to our sledding map?

When it snows so much that schools are closed and evening events are cancelled, is there a better winter activity than sledding? 

That got us at Patch wondering: What are the best sledding hills in the south St. Louis County / north Jefferson County areas? 

We've created an interactive map with some of the well-known sledding destinations, like Suson Park, for example.

But we'd like your help. What are some locations that tend to fly under-the-radar? We hope you'll add the best sledding hills to our map! View the map on Google here.

To add an address, you must be logged into a Google account.

  1. View the map on Google
  2. Hit the "edit" button
  3. Click the blue "add a placemark" icon
  4. Click on the location on the map you'd like to add
  5. Add a title (e.g. the address)
  6. Hit "OK" -- you're done!


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