Dispatch From the Inauguration: Mehlville Grad Shares Her Story

Sarah Gamblin-Luig marched with the Lesbian & Gay Band Association during President Barack Obama's inauguration parade. Read her blog posts from the event.

If you watched the inaugural parade Monday, you may have caught a glimpse of for the Lesbian and Gay Band Association.

Gamblin-Luig and her bandmates marched in both parades celebrating the inaugurations of President Barack Obama, making them the first LGBT group tapped by the president to join the event.

Gamblin-Luig shares her stories from the inauguration in three blog posts (see sneak peeks below) you won't want to miss:

"I've tried to think of how I am going to sum up this trip and I just can't do it.  There were so many things that happened along the way, you, the reader, would be here for hours.  But I will try..."

"We marched the morning away, in full uniform, under the surprisingly hot, January sun.  Just before lunch we posed for our group photo, no easy task for a group of over 214 people...There was a great deal of set-up, but the resulting photo is one that I will treasure forever."

"Finally it was our turn, we formed our parade block and then crammed it out two very tiny doors...After many starts and stops, we finally joined the parade route.  With the sun at our backs we marched towards the parade start point, under the watchful eyes of the sharp shooters perched on rooftops along the way.  We had waited all day and it was almost time for our performance.  We were no longer allowed access to our pockets, that meant we were really close."

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