MoDOT Prepares for Another Snowstorm

The area is expecting its fourth snowstorm of the winter.

The National Weather Service has issued yet another winter weather advisory, from 6 p.m. Wednesday until 6 p.m. Thursday. Approximately 6 to 7 inches of snow is predicted to drop Wednesday evening and continue on into Thursday, affecting the morning rush-hour commute. 

With another bout of icy temperatures scheduled to roll through the St. Louis area, the Missouri Department of Transportation is working hard to keep motorists safe on the road.   

According to MoDOT spokeswoman Kara Price, the most immediate threat to the area is a re-freeze on the roads resulting from plummeting temperatures.

“Crews will monitor the roads for slick areas, especially on bridges and ramps,” she said. “Even though they will be treating these areas with salt, motorists are advised to slow down and be cautious.”

“Thursday morning might be very slick and messy,” Price said. 

MoDOT advises drivers to take caution Thursday morning and check the traveler information map

“We know it’s not possible for everyone to alter their commute,” said Jack Wang, spokesman for MoDOT. “If you have to make the commute, drive slower than you would if it was raining and allow extra time to reach your destination.”

Wang said that crews have been pre-treating the roads with a salt brine and beet juice mixture.

MoDOT has more than 450 employees and 220 trucks available to plow and salt the roads in St. Louis. It will focus first on plowing the highest-traveled interstates and regionally-significant roads—such as Lindbergh Boulevard, Olive Boulevard and Manchester Road—until they are mostly clear. Less-traveled roads will also be plowed with attention given to hills, curves and intersections.

Motorists are encouraged to check out the online traveler information map at www.modot.org or call MoDOT’s 24-hour toll-free customer service center at 1-888-ASK-MoDOT before traveling.

St. Louis County will also be treating the roads, staring with the most travelled. Two of the county's five operations are in South County and the county has 110 plows available. 


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