Sluggers Disaster Recovery Team Returns from Joplin

The group spent a week rebuilding and repairing establishments in the tornado-ravaged city.

The Queen of All Saints St. Louis Sluggers Disaster Recovery Team returned home after a week of recovery work in Joplin. 

Fifteen volunteers made the trek to the city that was nearly leveled by a tornado May 22. The team consisted of several Oakville residents, parisoners and graduates: Jim Urke, Pat Downey, Joe Wetzel, Dale Green, Shelia and Eric Treptow, Terry Werner, Dave Erxleben, Fred Keeve, Bill Manz, Mike Ogolin, John Catarinicchi, Don Kauntz, Jerry Mueller and Debby Vincent.

The group worked on repairs, building from the foundation up and completing one major fix. 

The volunteers partnered with Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri and were hosted by the Royal Heights Methodist Church.

The destruction zone has been cleared, Mueller said in an email to Patch, and insured homes are being rebuilt at a very fast pace. Families that were not insured have received some assistance from FEMA, but not enough to cover the cost to rebuild. 

The work will continue for many years, and volunteer labor, cash donations or Home Depot and Lowe's gift cards are needed. Those interested in helping can contact Amy at Catholic Charities in Joplin for further information at 417-616-9314 or 515-988-3246.


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