Local Voices: I Hate School, But I Love the School

I have a love/hate relationship with school...

I’m a fortunate guy. I get to work from a home office.  That means I get to be near my family basically all day.  I know that sounds like torture to some guys, but I love it.  So much so, that when I need to travel for work, if possible I get the whole crew to go with me.  I find a fun place to stay (a surprising number of hotels have water parks in them… good stuff), and I get my job done and still get to hang with the family most of the time. 

It’s really perfect for me, and my wife puts up with it because she still likes me, at least a little bit.  The family time I cherish is slowly going away as my kiddos get older.  Fortunately for me, there are two more rug rats behind these first two, but I’m sure someday the plan of replenishing the baby population in that manner will cease to be acceptable (though always fun)!  Sure, we could home school, but that’s not what we want for our kids.  

For years, nothing except my wife’s schedule interrupted this plan, and usually I could work around that.  However, now my son is in school and my oldest daughter is in pre-school.  I didn’t mind him skipping half-day kindergarten a couple of times for a trip, but now he’s in first grade and there for the full day.  For some reason I don’t feel comfortable taking him out for my selfish reasons anymore.  So, they can’t come with me anymore.  

I’ve had this type of job since before my oldest was born, so I’ve been around most of the time with the ability to play some, work some, play some, work some, and then tack on work after bedtime to make up for any lost time during the day.  The joy of sales is if you hit your “number,” generally bosses will leave you alone.  Now, my son is gone all day, my daughter is gone half day for part of the week, and next year she’ll be gone at least half day all week.

Being that I am home, sometimes I get to take the kids to school.  With my oldest daughter, I still get to walk her in and give her a big hug right before she walks into her classroom.  It still stinks to leave, but I get that last hug.  With my son, he sits in the back of the car, and then gets out and walks off.  There’s a line of cars behind me, so I can’t be rude and get out and get that last hug, and I can’t just watch him walk away.

For all these reasons, I truly do hate school, but what I don’t hate is the school he attends.  I honestly couldn’t do it if I didn’t trust the people taking care of my son for 7 hours a day.  We’re lucky to be in the Bierbaum Elementary area.  Even though I don’t do much to help, I’ve been welcomed into the PTO by a great group of people who are becoming friends, not just acquaintances. 

Both the principal and assistant principal are simply terrific to deal with.  I would never want the hours they put in, and yet they’re willing to take the time to answer any question I’ve had in the last year and a half.  His teachers have been outstanding as well. 

Managing more than 20 children at a time is a monumental task, and one that both Samuel’s teachers have chosen to do for years.  I know nothing of the other kindergarten and first grade teachers, but I know my son has felt cared for and able to learn, and we feel lucky to have had them, and they also have and continue to put up with me.

Really, I do hate school, way more now than I did as a kid.  But I truly do love the people that make Bierbaum tick.  Thanks for making it a safe place for my kids to learn new skills, and thanks for working with a pain in the rear like me when I have questions.  I definitely notice your dedication, and I’m truly grateful. 

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Tina Kult November 30, 2011 at 08:29 PM
I couldn't agree more! Bierbaum is exceptional because of the staff and parents who are involved and care about each child. Even as the largest elementary school in the district, there exists a wonderful community atmosphere.
Brit Rose December 09, 2011 at 06:16 AM
Kuddos to Jason's comments. I also would like to add that we do have a wonderful PTO board at Bierbaum. We all work well together and that's why there is a BIG success in accomplishments on making good desisions to do what's right for our students.


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