Sandy Hook Massacre Needs the Quentin Tarantino Treatment

America's psycho-fanatic culture of violence and guns, especially its acceptance in the presence of our children, needs to be put in a surreal, and all-too-very-real perspective.

Humans are affected by language, but there is a reason why the old cliche stands, "A picture is worth a thousand words." Sometimes, like on September 11th, 2001, people need to see the offense in action in order to prioritize issues and implement proper responses.

It is in that vane that the Sandy Hook Massacre deserves the Quentin Tarantino treatment. As it stands, and as one of the mothers of the massacred children recently said:

There were certain things Veronique wanted for Noah’s funeral. She felt that his body had suffered too many indignities already; she was adamant that he not be autopsied. She wanted him to be buried with a Jewish prayer shawl and with a clear stone with a white angel inside — an “angel stone” — in each of his hands. Veronique was only able to put the stone in his right hand because the left was “not altogether there,” she told me, crying for the first time in our interview. She asked the funeral director to put the other one in the left hand spot. “I made him promise and he did.”

Veronique told me that Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy visited her in the funeral home, and she brought him to see Noah’s open casket. I asked her why it was important for her and for the governor to see Noah’s body. “I needed it to have a face for him,” she said. “If there is ever a piece of legislation that comes across his desk, I needed it to be real for him.”

Veronique continued on in this vein for a few minutes. But I still felt that I didn’t understand why she, as a mother, chose to see Noah’s body, so I asked her again: Why, for her? “I owed it to him as his mother, the good, the bad, the ugly,” she said. “It is not up to me to say I am only going to look at you and deal with you when you are alive, that I am going to block out the reality of what you look like when you are dead. And as a little boy, you have to go in the ground. If I am going to shut my eyes to that I am not his mother. I had to bear it. I had to do it.” Several family members also chose to view Noah’s body.

Tarantino has his own style of course, but I would start the movie with Lanza and his mother and their strange relationship (including her legal acquisition of the guns) and then sub-plot a few of the first graders and teachers.  

Then, when the time is right, show a real-time reenactment of the mass-murder in all its gore in Tarantino style, with eyeballs flying through the air, jaws shattering from faces, and hands blown from arms. In the montage of murder, interlace crime-scene photos and regular school pictures throughout the murder.

During the credits, Tarantino should finish with the "b-roll" footage of the NRAs pathetic comments from the following week during the credits.

He then should donate all of the proceeds from the movie to changing America's culture of violence exposure to children. (Keep in mind, his movies are always rated R.)

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