We do not come from monkeys…we come from nothing.

The same to us as your closest tree; a necessary means to a predetermined end.

It’s archaic to say we came from Monkeys.

The true creation story of mankind is the most amazing creation story ever told.  But, it’s not really told.  It’s experienced.

“Why?” is an important unanswered question, and there may not even be an answer…other than because.  Which begs another question, is a question important if there likely is no answer?

We did not come from monkeys. We have a common ancestor with monkeys. We have a common ancestor with every living thing on our planet, including the nearest tree to your current proximity.

There is a reason why when you go to the zoo; almost everything you see there has two eyes, two ears, one nose, and one mouth, two arms from the “shoulders” and two legs from its “hips.”  In our own way, by chance alone, we survive.

Every living thing…is a survivor…until it is not – and any trace of us, after the passage of time, is only left through our efforts in reproduction.  The rest is fertilizer and food for the creatures of the night, and the creepy crawlies of the mud.  But in the end, even that ends…

Survival of the fittest, or natural selection is not an end goal, it is simply a state of a particular being in the current conditions allowed. 

For whatever reason, whether geography, or simple biology, or climate, or natural “disaster” what is remains because that is what has been allowed to exist.  Not by design, but by random consequences and complexity of the physics of nature.  A selection of nature; but…

Nature is not a force.  It just is.  It didn’t pick its existence any more than we did. Nature, including us, is like the windshield washer fluid splattered on a frozen windshield, crystallizing progressively until there is no more room to grow.  Nature is a process…the borders are the limits…and the purpose is the opposite of its result. 

There is something amazing about the existence of anything at all, but less amazing than there being nothing at all. 

Maybe that’s a misstatement. 

Maybe nothing is much more amazing than anything…making us banal in the eyes of whatever else may be keeping tabs, which is unlikely, and also likely to be nothing.  (I just said banal.  In order to be truly academic or worthy of reading, I also need to work in the words/phrases a priori and pernicious. I guess you can stop reading now.)

It’s hard to imagine that if there is anything greater than ourselves; that we are anything more than a child’s plaything, a toy…something to be adored and then tossed when no longer useful to its master.

Biologically we are little more than a tube with legs and arms and a brain. Obviously there is a heart and lungs and kidneys and veins and a pancreas and gall bladder, etc, but all of that is built around the central core of a tube; in one side, out the other…just like a dog…just like a fish…just like a monkey.

But the same to us as your closest tree; a necessary means to a predetermined end.

The mass of existence is of no matter at all. All progress melts away into an abysmal pit of reinvention.  This process repeats itself over and over again until there is nothing left to be processed…just the raw material of a once infinitely dense, unimaginable, infinitesimally small mass of energy.

When an exceptionally large star explodes, we marvel at what we have labeled a super-nova; or the stuff we are made of.  As is popular to say by fellow science popularist, we are amazing, we are made of star dust.

See, we do not come from monkeys…we come from exceptionally large stars that lived and died for our existence.  Consciousness was not necessary in the process.  It is just the way it happened.  If the Earth were to explode spontaneously, at this moment…all of the known consciousness of existence would simply disappear, and as far as we know, the universe would exist without anything knowing about it.

Perhaps that is the state of nothingness.  “Something,” as opposed to “nothing,” like our concept of morality, is in the knowing.

We do not come from monkeys…we come from nothing.

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Raygun October 22, 2012 at 06:47 PM
Whatever happened to you opening a PC Repair business on Telegraph Rd on Oct. 1?
Karl Frank Jr. October 22, 2012 at 08:27 PM
Doing something else now...why?


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