Let the Games Begin! Half-Truths and Whole Lies in Politics Will Plague Us Until November

The allegations and mudslinging has begun, and the first attack I’ve seen here came from Vicki Englund, candidate for the Missouri House of Representatives in the 94th District.

Well, it looks like they are back at it. The allegations and mudslinging has begun, and the first attack I’ve seen here came from Vicki Englund, candidate for the Missouri House of Representatives in the 94th District.  As you might have seen in my comments below that was taking hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars each year, it appears that Ms. Englund has forgotten her own words written just last July.  , she said that no political decision is easy, that facts are not just black and white, and the legislators need to focus on the economy.  However, when it appears that one of her unnecessary pet projects would not receive the tax dollars that should be going to our schools, veterans, disabled, and elderly, she has decided to ignore her own words.

In addition to being a graduate of the Mehlville School District (K-12), the product of a state university (UMKC), a small business owner (Haefner Law Office, LLC), and an attorney, I am the son of Rep. Marsha Haefner, who is the current State Representative for District 100 (and is the candidate for the newly formed 95th District). Since Rep. Haefner was elected, I have seen her be attacked from both sides of the aisle, as she votes however her district would benefit the most from, not solely along party lines.  for those of you that missed it.

Rep. Haefner has been recognized by both Republicans and Democrats as being a leader, and is in fact one of only four leaders of the freshman class, which is comprised of legislators from all over the state.  She has received accolades for her work when she was named “” Her dedication to the citizens of Oakville and Missouri is unwavering, and her ethics are impeccable.  The only attacks that can be made on her are by misleading the voter as to what she has accomplished.

In her time in Jefferson City, Rep. Haefner has focused on fiscal responsibility, and has personally saved the state of Missouri millions of dollars that were being squandered.  It is offensive to me, as her son and as a voter, that anyone would try and paint a picture in which she has done anything but represent Missouri and Oakville the best way she possibly can with a budget that is much smaller than the needs of the state.

Over the next few months, we will all be inundated with political ads, attacks, and misrepresentations of the truth. My only advice is to always look at the source when getting your information. Not all Republicans hate women, not all Democrats are anti-business. 

Your representatives are people, and by and large, they are all just trying to do what they believe is best for Missouri and their district.  I have yet to meet a legislator that was elected with the intent to destroy or harm the state or its citizens.  We might have different ideas as to how to make the system better, but I think the vast majority of your elected officials are doing what they think is best for their constituents.

If you want to know where your candidate stands on an issue, ask them.  If, however, you get your information on what a candidate stands for from an extremely skewed version of what the truth is, just read those attack articles and flyers that will be coming in increased numbers from now until November. 

Ms. Englund is far from the only person who will be feeding misinformation and half-truths to the voters in the next few months.  My only hope is that the informed voter will show up at the polls and vote for the candidate who they believe will best represent them, not the misleading propaganda that will surely come our way.

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Liz May 11, 2012 at 11:53 AM
You are right. Every single politician in Jeff City and DC is guilty of half-truths and whole lies. Hopefully, every one will be more transparent this year. Perhaps you could start by encouraging your mother to truthfully correspond with constituents who ask her questions she'd prefer not to answer honestly.
Vicki Lorenz Englund May 15, 2012 at 02:37 PM
Thanks for your blog, Mark. I will keep letting the voters know how I stand on issues because I believe they need to hear directly from candidates. I do disagree with your comment that stating my opinions on issues constitutes slander or lies. Just because you do not agree with me does not mean I am lying. And by the way, I get along very well with your mother and even encouraged her to run for office. Just because we are from different parties does not mean we cannot work together.
Bob McKitrick May 15, 2012 at 03:16 PM
There is no room for hurt feelings in politics. It comes with the territory. No matter what our politicians do in Jeff. City, they will be criticized from the right or the left. They simply need to vote for and stand up for what they think is right. Harry Truman once said, "If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog." I've found that applies to people holding all kinds of elected offices. It's part of the deal. I'm sure Mrs. Haefner is quite capable of standing up for herself without any help from her son. The troubling thing to me is that fewer and fewer citizens find that they can't disagree on an issue without being disagreeable. The phrases "slander" "lying" or "half-truths" are used too often. You would think the public would become quite numb to those extreme phrases. My hope is for honest and civil dialogue on the issues that matter most.


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