30 Days of Gratitude, Why Are You Thankful?

The messages are all over social media. People are expressing new found gratitude for the simple things in life.

It's coming to an end, but if you've been on social media at all during the month of November you've noticed that a large portion of your friends, followers and whatever else are expressing daily gratitude.

It's a project entitled 30 Days of Gratitude. This project was a community experiment and it even has its own Facebook page.

"Based on the scientific research that practicing gratitude on a daily basis can increase your happiness and life satisfaction, the concept was to bring people together to experience and practice gratefulness for 30 days," the website states.

The official project runs November 1-30.

Some mentions of gratitude are very simple like being grateful for electricity; while others are more complicated.

The project is in its third year.

Are you participating in 30 Days of Gratitude?

Tell us Hazelwood, for what are you grateful?


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