Comments from Patchland: A Bird-Brain Sets a Fire and an Unconventional Lunch

We had never even heard of "sunflower seed butter" until we read the comments this week. Thanks for a new one!

Welcome to another edition of Comments from Patchland, your weekly highlights from your comments in the past week. Today's highlights include some doozies, including the resolution to a fire in The Loop, an unorthodox school lunch recipe and the usual raft of complaints about Your Government.

Enjoy, and please click one of the story links to add your comments to the conversation.

Whoever caused this fire must have been a bird-brain

"The fire, according to the fire department, was due to a bird's nest being made too close to the electrical wires."

—, University City Patch

Whatever happened to turkey a la King or Salisbury steak?

"My son loves PB&J, but peanuts are off-limits at his school due to allergy concerns. I make him sunflower seed butter sandwiches with jelly, honey or pumpkin butter. The sunflower seed butter has more protein than some brands of peanut butter."

—, Affton-Shrewsbury Patch

You haven't been reading these comments very long, have you?

"Wow! Such a hot button issue this has become! I knew that there were both opponents and backers of this issue, but I never realized the type of animosity an issue like this could raise."

—, Florissant Patch

Got cynicism?

"I think there's greed everywhere in Washington, in both parties, all branches. Not just Washington. Corporations across the country and in the general population. Greed's the shadow hidden behind a pretense of good intentions and morality."

—, Fenton-High Ridge Patch

Same song, different tune, part one

"Once again, it seems that those who are supposed to represent us have simply made life more difficult without really dealing with the issue."

—, O'Fallon Patch

If your dog had the chance, that's what he'd do

"The headline sounds as if we're all meeting around the dumpster behind Dierbergs looking for doggie treats."

—, Chesterfield Patch

Inconvenience store?

"In my opinion, Kirkwood does not have a convenience store on this side of town that is adequate. I welcome a larger store—easier to enter and exit."

—, Kirkwood Patch

"Mr. LeFort, being a Des Peres resident, can't you can look west towards your local 7-11, or Schnucks, to find a convenience store in YOUR community?"

—, also Kirkwood Patch

Yeah. Let's.

"It's nice to know that even in a conservative state like Missouri, there are leaders and communities who are willing to risk criticism to do what's right for human rights. Let's hope it catches on."

—, Clayton-Richmond Heights Patch

Same song, different tune, part two

"I haven't had a raise in three years and neither has my wife. We feel lucky to have jobs. If Dooley thinks this (tax increase) is going to be ignored next election he better think again. This is political suicide for him and any one who backs him. Live within your means! Raises? You have got to be kidding!"

—, Maplewood-Brentwood Patch


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