Comments from Patchland: Tiffs over TIFs, and Chrysler's Walls Tumble Down

A selection of your comments across St. Louis Patchland shows an appreciation for the content you've created.

Thanks for the thanks! We heard from a few of you who appreciate the contributions from our readers, and we're grateful. We love hearing from readers, whether they're posting photos, comments or just shouting onto the home page. Here's this week's comment highlights. If you see a spot to chime in, we hope you'll click and comment.

And we love hearing your voice, too!

"I always enjoy reader-submitted photos. I look at it like we are getting to see the world through other people's eyes. Keep 'em coming!"

-, Wentzville Patch

Happy to pass along the message

"Love the pictures! Especially that Route 12 bus :) We had a rough start that first day. I want to send out a HUGE thank you to all of our wonderfully patient and understanding parents! We will get better as everyone makes the adjustments!"

-, Mehlville-Oakville Patch

Yeah! Why DIDN'T we think of that?

"The school district raised its operating tax levy 13 percent last year. We should all be so diligent in balancing our personal and business budgets. All you have to do is raise revenue! Why didn't I think of that?"

-, University City Patch

Chip shot

"We have no city tennis courts and no city golf course. These are important for a feeling of belonging to a city. Finally, there are bike paths for all. Chesterfield now has a great amphitheater, THIS YEAR. Very slow to get stuff going for a town with this much wealth. I am not surprised Ballwin got the recognition it deserved."

-, Chesterfield Patch

And it's lunch time for us right now. Groan!

"That photo of the banana split (specifically the chocolate + graham cracker cheesecake bits) had me trying to justify going there for breakfast! I know what I'm getting next time."

-, Florissant Patch

Here's that tiff over TIFs (sorry, we just love that pun)

"Despite empty promises, there is no plan to relocate existing businesses (if Walmart moves into this location). Why would the current owner and manager, who haven't even bothered to find tenants for the current property, even care who goes in? The TIF money is collected up front. Then, 'so long, Shrewsbury!'"

-, Affton-Shrewsbury Patch

"I'm a widow, and my taxes have gone up every year. How about a TIF for me since I cant afford the taxes? Oh, I don't make 110 million a year, so I'm out of luck."

-, St. Charles Patch

Yes, man

"Anthony Harper knows a lot of information that should be shared with the community, and I feel he is not a yes man and should come forward and speak out. However, I think the reason he does not speak out is because he fears retribution. Anthony has more backing in his ward than he realizes."

-, Maplewood-Brentwood Patch

Almost makes you want a drink

"It is a real shame that there is such a holdup for a new restaurant that will not only create jobs but allow a ru-down building that has been sitting empty to create revenue. In this economy, it is a real tragedy."

-, Ladue-Frontenac Patch

But what would happen through the looking glass?

"It's absolutely worthy of the Mad Hatter to say that people should go to jail for exercising a constitutional right—unless they do it secretly."

-, Ballwin-Ellisville Patch

Yup. We're paying, and paying, and paying...

"I'm torn between the convenience of running to Walgreens and getting these meds when I have a cold and the fact that these meds are used by others for nonintended purposes. It seems like I'm always paying the price for someone else's poor choices."

-, O'Fallon Patch

Maybe they build cars with it?

"Great photos of an era when there were jobs had by all. Such a shame to see this come down. Yet what were they going to do with it? The scrap metal is worth a lot of $$$$$$$$. Where does the metal go? Scupture? Art? Roller Derby rink? School?"

-, Fenton-High Ridge Patch


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