Comments from Patchland: Yeah, We're Talking about Pigs

Sometimes, you can't make this stuff up. When pigs become the topic at a city meeting, you know you've hit pay dirt.

Memories of a bygone era at a local mall, the value of pigs and how school officials should deal with bullying were topics that got you talking this week around Patchland. Here's a set of highlights from your comments.

We hope you'll find something that inspires you to click and chime in.

What's more sad? The memories or the ghost town?

"I visited Crestwood Mall earlier this year. What a ghost town. I remember going to the mall as a kid, navigating through the crowds, passing the big Christmas tree in the atrium, grabbing a frozen mocha at Gloria Jean's, watching the race cars (go) around the track at that store down by the movie theater, grabbing a bite at the food court while the kids ran wild around the arcade. Kind of sad, really."
I think Sears is on the chopping block next. Hang in there, Sears."

—, Sunset Hills-Crestwood Patch

The question is: Is this doing something?

"I am quite happy about this. I was bullied mercilessly in school, and very little was ever done about it. I'm glad to see that will no longer be the case."

—, Mehlville-Oakville Patch

"What reason would anyone possibly have to make an opposing vote against bullying? Especially if you are making child-centered decisions, and handling bullies on a case by case basis. Am I missing something? Do bullies make taxes lower? Weird."

—, Mehlville-Oakville Patch

This sounds like a good policy

"Any time a child wants to put himself or herself in a position to kill or be killed, further discussion is definitely in order. It's nice to think that a stint in the military 'just might be the plan to help them grow up,' but missing limbs and PTSD are a high price to pay for that possibility."

—, Clayton-Richmond Heights Patch

If they could fly, they'd pay fuel taxes

"If the pig paid taxes, the city would allow it."

—, St. Charles Patch

"I'd like to understand this issue better. I don't understand why the pigs are so controversial. Do they make a lot of noise? Cause problems that dogs/cats/birds/fish don't cause? What am I missing here? Were they simply not included because it wasn't thought of at the time? Can the council amend the ordinance to allow? If not, why?"

—, St. Charles Patch

In my case, I couldn't be sure it was the road's fault

"The section of Yale (Avenue) that is in Maplewood is so bad that we avoid driving on it, even if it's the shorter route. It shakes our vehicles so badly that I am sure that it causes damage any time we drive on it."

—, Maplewood-Brentwood Patch

This is how they train us for the empty nest, isn't it?

"I am finally 'free' for all seven hours of my day, but I feel a tinge of sadness still that the house is quiet. But on the flip side, I am soooo busy with life that I am not sure how I got anything done with kids underfoot. I hope someday I will celebrate too. I'm not there quite yet."

—, Town and Country-Manchester Patch

Taking charge of the trash?

"What can be done is for the city to start cleaning up all of the trash that is a constant at this intersection. I understand Lindbergh is not supposed to be maintained by Florissant, but if the state and/or county is not going to take responsibility for it, then Florissant should."

—, Florissant Patch

Charity begins somewhere else

"I love how passionate people are about helping each other. But we, as a nation, have to do something about entitlements from the government. It is killing us."

—, St. Peters Patch

"I, as well, would like LINC to continue their charity work but not with the help of my tax dollars. I read on their website that they are a movement of Christian churches working together…I never voted for my tax dollars to be spent on Christian charities, Muslim charities or even secular charities."

—, St. Peters Patch


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