Five Reasons to 'Like' Hazelwood Patch on Facebook

That's right, we are everywhere. See for yourself at www.facebook.com/HazelwoodPatch.

Join hundreds of other people from Hazelwood, who currrently live in the and who are a fans of North St. Louis County news on our Facebook page. 'Like' us on Facebook! Please visit www.facebook.com/HazelwoodPatch.

Already a fan? Then please help spread the word!

1) Real-time Updates About News

Remember when we learned about Tony's Donuts ? That was first reported on our Facebook page. We regularly update the page with news and notes from the community that don't always make it to the Patch website. Stay in the know!

2) You Help Create the Conversation

Big stories generate important conversations in our communities. When a Student we spread the news on our Facebook page. More than 100 people shared and reccomended the article probing news outlets in California where the child was suspected of being taken to also report on the news. Eventually the and brought back home safely.

3) Keep Your Neighbors Informed

When folks have questions about new businesses (like the new Jimmy John's opening or the what's moving into the old Blockbuster building at Village Square), road closings and more, they turn to each other on our Facebook page to get answers. Let's help keep each other informed.

4) Stay Connected With Neighbors and Readers

At Patch, it's not always about breaking news. Sometimes we just like a great conversation — like when I asked about schools decided between teaching children cursive handwriting and how to type on the computer. That sparked a day long conversation.

5) Extended Photo Galleries

We take every opportunity to post extended photo galleries on our Facebook page, like  when we are out at events like the , The Working Women's Conference or at a chamber networking event.


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