Hazelwood Patch Picks: Mother's Day Gifts Ideas

Mother’s Day is just around the corner so it’s time to start planning how to show that special woman in your life just how much you appreciate everything she’s done.

Whether your are the husband or the the child, getting mom a gift with a personal touch can be tough. Hazelwood Patch has your back. Check out this list of thoughtful gift ideas.

  1. Relax a Bit: Mothers are busy people. They typically take care of everyone in their household, leaving little time for themselves. Give mom a well deserved break and start her day off right by taking her for a nice latte or coffee at . Afterwards stroll through a park. Try any of the 's such as and reminisce about all the times she’s helped you out.
  2. New Do': If the mom in your life is in need of some serious pampering, get her a gift certificate to . With a new haircut and manicure she’ll feel completely refreshed and ready to tackle whatever comes her way.
  3. Arrange Love: One can never go wrong with flowers from St. Jude's. Pick up an arrangement of her favorites or have them delivered to put a smile on her face.
  4. Personal Chef: Give mom a night off from cooking duty and take her out for dinner, your treat. or are good choices sure to satisfy. Like your cooking better? Prepare her a homemade meal and don’t forget to do the dishes after! Order a Mother’s Day themed cookie from Great American Cookies at St. Louis Mills Mall, for dessert.
  5. Downy Fresh: Save mom a ton of laundry by taking her favorite clothes or bedding to and having them professionally cleaned. She’ll appreciate a freshly pressed outfit or comforter and it will shave some time off her day so she can focus on relaxing for a change.
  6. Bling, Bling: Diamonds are a girl’s best friend-and well hey, mom is a girl. If you can afford to, go to and pick her up something nice. A Mother's Day themed ring or necklace is a great and thoughtful gift that she’ll love to wear.
  7. Like New: Take mom's car toand get it nice and shiny for her to show off. A carwash is a nice gift that she will enjoy but probably wouldn’t have the time to get done herself. Not one for washing? Take it to and have it detailed. Or go all out and rent her a convertible from Enterprise Rent-A-Car in which to run her weekly errands. She’ll have fun feeling the breeze ruffle her hair.
  8. Love Letter: Moms love nothing more than to be told how appreciated they are for everything they do. Sit down and write her a letter detailing just how much she means to you and how thankful you are for all she does. She’ll tear up knowing that her deeds are noticed and truly remembered.
  9. Green Thumb: Hire a lawn service such as to come over and take care of the yard for her. Have them plant her favorite flowers in the yard or trim up the bushes. Yet another gift she would like but probably wouldn’t call someone else to handle for her.
  10. Project Manage: Every Mom can use some help with household projects so pick a project you know she would like help with such as an installation and call the handyman to lend her a hand. If you know of something she wants fixed or added call Ehrlich’s Installation and Service and give them the go ahead. She will love the help and be excited to scratch that project from her to-do list.

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