Jigsaw: Some Family’s Missing Piece

This 6-month-old Terrier mix could be your valentine.

This week’s Pooch of the Week is one of the youngest we have ever had.  At 6 months, it is plain to see that he is going to be a good sized boy – perfect for a family looking for a large dog with an easy-going temperament.  Despite his name, Jigsaw is not difficult to figure out.  This young pup is a happy-go-lucky lad who cannot wait to find his forever home. 

When a Watering Bowl staff member showed up at the Stray Rescue shelter, Jigsaw’s kennel was empty.  That is because he was outside in the dog park playing with his friends.  He has a face that charms anyone.  When it was time for him to go back to his kennel, he probably flashed a volunteer those puppy-dog eyes as if to say, “Five more minutes, please!”  Who can say no to that face?

The world is Jigsaw’s playground; life is all about having fun! So he was obviously in dog heaven the moment he arrived at The Watering Bowl.  There were so many new faces and so much to explore, he did not know where to start.  Luckily, he had the whole day to do it all, and that he did.  He practically had to be carried to the car at the end of the day!

Jigsaw is a 6-month-old Terrier mix, who still has a lot of pup in him.  He is friendly and smart as can be, so with a little bit of work, he will be a well-trained pooch in no time!  Jigsaw is staying at the Stray Rescue shelter off of Pine, and he absolutely loves visitors, so stop on by to say hi.   Jigsaw might just be the piece that makes your family complete!  For more information on Jigsaw, visit Stray Rescue.


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