Ladies and Gentleman, Meet Ms. March

Maura is a one-year-old available for adoption through Stray Rescue.

Maura, a one-year old Bull Terrier mix, has been given the prestigious honor of being Ms. March here at Patch! This title was bestowed to Maura because of her unique looks and wonderful personality.  Ms. March is not only beautiful and friendly, but she is also available for adoption!  

Maura is currently staying at a foster home with another Stray Rescue dog named Benshee.  Benshee, a 2-year old Chow Sharpei mix, is also available for adoption, although she is rather picky about who she wants to be her adoptive parents as she has grown quite attached to her foster father.  Nonetheless, if you think you have what it takes to give Benshee the unconditional love that she needs and deserves, check out Stray Rescue.  

Now back to Ms. March. Maura loves being around other dogs, is super friendly with people, and good with kids. However, she isn’t quite sure about cats. Hey, three out of four ain’t bad! Maura has a wonderful foster dad that takes her to to play with her friends one or two times a week.  Stray Rescue thinks Maura’s foster dad is so great, that they even named one of their pooches after him. Phil Adams, a 2-year old Terrier mix, is available for adoption through Stray Rescue as well!

Maura isn’t much of a rastler, but she loves to explore.  The girl is always on her feet, moving around and checking out the place.  When Maura leaves TWB for the day, she probably goes straight home and goes to sleep!  Maura loves to be active, so she would do best in a home that can give that to her.  For more information on Ms. March, check out Stray Rescue.

Yesterday, The Watering Bowl was able to  This money will go directly to helping dogs such as Maura, Benshee, Phil Adams, , , and more.  A big thanks to everyone that came out and made this day such a huge success. Everyone at TWB is so grateful and appreciative of you all!  


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