Letter to the Editor: 19-Year-Old Endorses Jotte for Congress

Dr. Randy Jotte is running against Republican Ann Wagner in the Second Congressional District primary.

Dear Neighbor,
I am writing to you today about our upcoming congressional primary election.  I'm 19 years old and I live in Arnold. Working in a local fast food restaurant trying to save up enough money to pay for my college education, I can honestly say I completely understand what the average American is going through in these tough economic times. I am truly grateful for my two loving parents who constantly work hard and sacrifice so much, as do many other parents.

I think we are all on the same page here. Our country is going through some rough times. We are all tired of what we see going on everyday throughout our country. It is time we make some changes in our government. The Missouri Primary is quickly approaching us and it is time that we decide who we must support. When it comes to the Missouri 2nd Congressional race, we have two main choices on the Republican side. We can choose to cast our vote for either Ann Wagner or Dr. Randy Jotte.

I think the obvious choice as to who to vote for is Dr. Randy Jotte. Dr. Jotte is an ER Doctor at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, where he sees the struggles faced by American families on a daily basis. As a doctor, he completely understands that our health system is broken and he wants to bring his knowledge to Washington D.C. to fix it. He is 100 percent pro-life and will fight to protect the unborn. He will tirelessly fight the attacks on our everyday freedom, especially our religious freedom.

As we get closer to the primary day, I hope you do your research, and while doing so read up on Dr. Jotte. We must send a citizen to Washington D.C. to represent us here in the 2nd district, not a career politician. And who would be better to send than a doctor? I hope that on August 7th, you will join me in supporting and voting for Dr. Randy Jotte. Thanks for your support.

E.J. Fleischmann
Arnold, MO 63010

P.S. You can see Dr. Jotte in person on Monday, July 30th at 7 pm at the , Meeting Room #1, 5430 Telegraph Road, 63129.

Mark Schreiber July 27, 2012 at 03:17 PM
Completely agree. He is someone who is not a "political insider" and will fight for the liberties we all take for granted but seem to be under attack. Common sense, conservative and not answering to any ploitical machine. Mark Schreiber, Shrewsbury
Chris Michael Hampton August 04, 2012 at 06:36 AM
I disagree, and I'm Campagning For Ann Wagner For U.S.Congress 2nd District Mo To Repeal Obamacare Bill Permantly Across America And He's Better Than Rany Jotte Is And Is The Right Woman For the Job,.and I Got a Message For the 19 year Old, Bring It On.and I've Got About 6,672 Letters For Ann Wagner's Campaign For U.S. Congress 2nd District Missouri To Clean Up Corruption At Capitol Hill In Wshington, D.C.New Leadership On Tues.8-7-12 And Tues.11-6-12.and I'm Choosing To Cast My Vote For Ann Wagner For U.S. Congress 2nd District Missouri On Tues.8-7-12. Chris Michael Hampton,33,Arnold,mo


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