Look See: Adorable, Lovable, and Adoptable

If you are looking for a pooch that will stick by you through thick and thin, Look See is your gal.

Look and see, this article features one adorable, lovable, and adoptable pup. This sweet lady knows how to tug at your heartstrings. Look See has lived a rough life, but seems to hold no grudge toward humans. In fact, she seems full of gratitude for having been given a second chance. 

Look See, a 4-year-old Shepherd mix, was found living under a van down by the river. I might have added the down by the river part trying to be silly, but her living situation was no laughing matter. Luckily the wonderful folks at Stray Rescue came to her aid and gave her a better life full of shelter, regular meals, and lots of loving attention. Hopefully her life will get even better once she finds her forever family.

Look See had a great time at The Watering Bowl. She loved exploring the place and especially enjoyed spending the afternoon outside. She got along great with the other dogs, but mostly loved the people. It is apparent that Look See is a people kind of dog. 

If you are looking for a pooch that will stick by you through thick and thin, Look See is your gal. She is the ultimate companion and cannot wait until she has a family to call her own. Visit Stray Rescue for more information on this sweet lady.

If adoption isn't an option right now, there are other ways to help Stray Rescue.  There are tons of ways to get involved with this wonderful organization.  Whether it be volunteering a few hours of your time to walk some dogs, becoming a Stray Rescue foster parent, or attending one of their many adoption events, Stray Rescue appreciates your dedication to helping the abused and neglected dogs of St. Louis.  Visit Stray Rescue's event calendar for a full lists of upcoming events.  


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