May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor, Katniss

Katniss is a survivor, much like her namesake.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you are sure to recognize the name of this week’s Pooch of the Week.  Well, ’s owner wasn’t sure of the name, but we will cut him some slack.  He is busy running a business and is in the process of opening !

Katniss is named after the main character of the best selling book, The Hunger Games. The book was just made into a movie and has been an incredible success. The name couldn’t have been given to a better pooch! This 9-month-old Terrier mix is much like the character she is named after.  

First and foremost, Katniss is a survivor. Not much is known about her past, but she was able to make it to Stray Rescue, where her future is guaranteed to be bright. Katniss is a strong gal with a big heart!  She was able to fit in with all the dogs at TWB with ease, and in fact, played up until the moment it was time to go home. She is playful, pretty, and the perfect addition to any family!

When Katniss the dog was spotlighted on TWB Facebook page last Tuesday, she seemed to have her own cheerleading section. People were commenting left and right about her beauty, how sweet she is, and what a pleasure it is to walk her down at Stray Rescue. With all those fans, Katniss is certain to find a forever home very soon. 

Katniss is not yet listed on the Stray Rescue website.  However, if you are interested in meeting this survivor, simply fill out an adoption application and mention Katniss’s name.  Someone from Stray Rescue will contact you shortly after.  Do not worry, filling out an adoption application does mean you have to adopt Ms. Katniss, it just means you want to get to know her better.  You can list more than one dog on the application, so browse through the companion animals for adoption, and see if any of tickle your fancy!


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