Outstanding in Oakville: Shannon Frauenhoffer

Shannon Frauenhoffer balances a family, career and leads the Girls Scouts at Blades Elementary School.

Girl Scout troop leader Shannon Frauenhoffer is a busy mom and business owner, but she is not too busy to volunteer at as a troop leader/co-leader of two troops. In addition to the regular duties of a leader, Frauenhoffer is a troop coordinator, meaning that she is also in charge of retention and recruitment at Blades. Each school year she organizes a recruitment campaign complete with flyers and an informational gathering of interested parents and students.

“Once I sign up all of the interested students, I organize them into individual troops. All of the girls entering the program will be taught leadership skills that will last a lifetime,” Frauenhoffer said.

Frauenhoffer grew up in Springfield, Mo. She was active in the Girl Scouts in her community. It is no surprise to learn that she had an inspirational troop leader who served as a role model in her current role. The lessons learned in scouts proved to be helpful to Frauenhoffer throughout her life.

“I believe several aspects about Girl Scouting are influential in girls’ lives. The leadership skills developed over the years, dedicated leaders who act as role models, and the variety of available experiences that are provided to girls will be tantamount to helping these girls grow into successful women,” Frauenhoffer said. “As I lead my troop at Blades, I try to offer my girls a wide variety of activities to enrich their experience.” 

Frauenhoffer offers her scouts activities that are both varied and impressive in scope. Camping trips, crafts and community projects are a major part of the year’s activities.

“My junior troop just earned their Bronze Award for collecting towels, sheets and sleeping bags for the Humane Society. The troop collected more than 300 items and took them to the facility on Mackland. The girls toured the shelter and learned more about the work there. Funny thing, now we have a new dog that we met on our visit,” Frauenhoffer said.

Taking extra efforts to make sure her troops get the most inclusive experience when they are on camping trips, Frauenhoffer earned her lifeguard and small craft safety certifications from the Red Cross. She also earned an archery certification through the Girl Scouts.

“The Girl Scout program builds character strength, leadership skills and teaches important life lessons to young girls and women. The important thing is you have to be dedicated and willing to go the extra step to help the girls achieve the best results,” Frauenhoffer said.

When not scouting, Frauenhoffer is active in the WC St. Louis Soccer Club where she manages the “Neal Tarheels,” a team for 11-year-old girls. Recently she worked at their mouse race fundraiser at . In addition, Frauenhoffer volunteers for several functions at Blades and at her parish, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque.

“I believe strongly in giving back to the community. I couldn’t do it without the help and support of my wonderful husband, family and friends,” said Frauenhoffer.


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