Sweet Boys Seeking Forever Homes

Everette and Asher are two pooches looking for loving families.

Like most weeks, I had to Google the Pooch of the Week's name.  After doing so, I'm not completely confident where his name came from.  Everette could be named after the African American blues, jazz and gospel saxophonist, Everette Harp, or the Detroit Lions defensive end, Everette Brown. Wherever Everette's name came from, one this is for sure, this sweet boy is one lovable lab and deserves his happily EVER after!

If you are looking for a little Lab to play with during the day and snuggle with at night, then look no further - Everette is your guy!  At first glance, one might think that Everette is a young pup.  However, at 2 years old, this small lad is full grown and out of that dreaded puppy phase. 

He was such a good boy during his day of fun at .  He was curious, making sure he got a whiff of every new scent there was to be smelled.  There didn't seem to be a dog or person that he didn't like. 

Everette really kicked it off with another adoptable pooch named Asher.  Asher, whose name means fortunate, blessed, and happy, is a 1-year-old Shepherd mix that is available for adoption through St. Louis Pet Rescue.  Asher had a rough start in life.  Poor Asher was hit by a car in north St. Louis.  Luckily he was quickly rescued by a caring and compassionate person, and walked away with just some minor bruising. 

Today, this happy-go-lucky boy with the most beautiful orange/red coat makes the most of his wonderful life.  Asher's foster mom brings him to The Watering Bowl to play, and he absolutely loves romping and playing with all of his friends!

Both of these boys are looking for their forever home.  They both get along great with other dogs and have so much love to give.  For more information on Everette, visit Stray Rescue, and for more information on Asher, visit St. Louis Pet Rescue.




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