FOX2 Video: Residents Question New Police Station Location

County officials want to build a new precinct on Sappington Barracks Road.

Residents told KPLR's Shirley Washington they would oppose a new police precinct at 319 Sappington Barracks Road. 

 and said the facility was badly needed. 

The county rents its current station on Telegraph Road, along with two other substations in Mehlville and Oakville. It spends more than $120,000 annually in rent. 

The new facility would cost approximately $1.7 million and be financed through rent savings and bonds. The new precinct wouldn’t cost taxpayers anything, Sixth District County Councilman Steve Stenger said in May.

The county already owns the lot near the intersection of Telegraph Road and Sappington Barracks. The  rarely use the facility and offered to give it up for the new station. 

The current South County Precinct is not big enough to host neighborhood watch meetings or all of its officers, and parking is always a struggle said Capt. Jim Schneider.

Liz June 14, 2012 at 04:20 PM
Isn't the new location just around the corner from the existing precinct? The neighbors who do not want it in the neighborhood already have it in the neighborhood. I guess I just don't understand that objection. I'm sure having the ball field nearby is nice but if the Boys and Girls club say they are willing to give it up and it is rarely used, then why is this a problem? I wonder if a neighbor would be willing to be specific in the objections rather than an anonymous group explanation given by a reporter from fox 2. What about the greater good? Public safety with a bigger facility? Meeting space for the police to better deseminate information to the public? Saving public money by streamlining spending in these tough economic times? Why should a small group of neighbors determine the best thing for the entire south county area? As a resident of the area, I'm happy to have an increased police presence in the Telegraph - 255 corridor. It seems like we need it!
Mary McGinnis June 15, 2012 at 08:16 PM
I think the residents whose homes back up to the park area and who have enjoyed that for many decades are the ones who are upset. I can understand them not wanting to lose the green space behind their homes. However, it seems as if much of their objections is based on wild conjecture that there will be helicopters coming and going from there 24/7, a firing range installed, etc., all of which the police and County officials have clearly stated will NOT happen. Only a larger building and parking facilities will be built to consolidate the three separate rented small spaces currently used for the precinct.


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