High Accident Intersections in South County

Most accidents occur at intersections where shopping is a main destination.

Inattention, speeding and shopping centers contribute to the most accident-prone intersections in South County, according to police. 

In Mehlville and Oakville, police said based on the number accidents with injuries and tickets issued, the following intersections (in no particular order) are the most dangerous:

  • Reavis Barracks and Union, Green Park and Lemay Ferry roads
  • Lindbergh Boulevard and Union Road
  • Lindbergh Boulevard and Crescent Drive (entrance to JoAnn's and Toys 'R' Us)
  • Lemay Ferry and Forder roads
  • Lindbergh Boulevard and Lemay Ferry Road
  • Lemay Ferry Road and the South County Mall
  • Telegraph Road and Interstate 255
  • Telegraph and Forder roads
  • Lindbergh Boulevard and Interstate 255
  • Telegraph and Erb roads
  • Telegraph and Baumgartner roads

Many of the intersections are at or near the .

"Those are the places we monitor because of the high call volume there," said neighborhood policing Officer Mike Schira, of the St. Louis County Police Department South County Precinct

The most dangerous intersection in Fenton is not an intersection at all, but rather the parking lots at the Gravois Bluffs shopping development.

 report 53 accidents since the beginning of the year on the vast parking lots at Gravois Bluffs, where shoppers cruise through the driving lanes or run into another vehicle when they are backing into, or out of their parking space.

"People just don't pay attention to what they are doing," said Capt. Jeff Bader, commander of the St. Louis County Police Department's Fenton Precinct.

Crestwood police also cites inattention in the majority of accidents in the area. Police say 30 of the 205 accidents in Crestwood in 2011 were due to inattention of the driver.

The worst intersections in Crestwood? The busy Watson Road retail corridor is the busiest as 106 crashes (52 percent) occurred on Watson Road. There were 13 accidents at Watson and Sappington roads, 10 at Watson Road and Glenwood Drive and six at Watson and Rock Hill roads.

Most of the Crestwood accidents occur on Mondays and Thursdays at about 2:25 p.m., according to police reports. More than 80 percent of the crashes resulted in property damage, but only a little more than 20 percent caused an injury.

Affton area's high accident intersections are (in no particular order):

  • Interstate 55 and South Lindbergh Boulevard
  • Interstate 270 and Tesson Ferry Road
  • Interstate 270 and Interstate 55
  • Tesson Ferry Road and Kennerly Road
  • Butler Hill Road and Interstate 55


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