Mehlville-Oakville Election: Submit Your Questions for School Board, Fire Board Candidates

Patch will send questionnaires to candidates running in the April election for seats on the Mehlville Board of Education and Mehlville Fire Protection District Board of Directors. What questions should we include?

In Mehlville and Oakville, we have two contested elections that will highlight our ballots in the April 2 election. 

Three candidates are running for two seats on the Mehlville Board of Education, and two candidates are running for one seat on the Mehlville Fire Protection District Board of Education.

As we approach the election, Patch will send each candidate a questionnaire to help empower voters to cast their ballots for the candidates they believe in.

And we would like to include all of you in the process. 

What questions do you have for the candidates? For the school board race, do you have a question about an issue in a particular school? Or would you like to know the candidates' viewpoints on a more general question? 

Please share your questions in the comments section at the bottom of this article (and please remember to note which race you're referring to). We'll include as many submissions as we can in our candidate questionnaire.

We ask that you please ask questions that are on point and deal with the issues — this is not a forum for personal attacks on one candidate or a specific issue.

This is your election Mehlville-Oakville — what information do you need before heading into the voting booth? Please submit your questions by noon on Friday, March 1. 

Ryan Martin February 28, 2013 at 07:59 PM
This is an excellent question that folks across the country are grappling with. I'll include it. Thank you, Bob!
PaulRevere March 01, 2013 at 10:57 PM
A simple list of questions from me: I refer to the whole St Louis county Public school system as well as Mehlv. Does the Board Candidate believe our Whole Educator Pay structure is the lowest cost possible to Educating our children.? Do ,you, as a board member believe the residents are best served by having only ONE Educator system for ALL our elementary schools? Or-- Do you think the Board should consider having ALL Non-union only Teachers employed at one elementary school location? Would you agree that There are very qualified non-union Teachers in the area willing to educate our children at much less Pay than currently being imposed on society? Do you owe the district a low cost education system, or do you owe the district the most expensive Educator Pay structure that can only keep going up in cost while the residents Pay structures are going DOWN. Do you believe public schools should be run at the highest possible Payroll costs or the lowest possible Payroll costs? Do you believe All public schools should pay the same wages to all public school educators. (regardless of school district).? Do you know how much it costs to employ a 15 year School-teacher? Do we really need $225,000 per year Superintendents? Do you believe residents and businesses should pay for age 58 retirements of our teachers and superintendents.? Would you be for negotiating changing retirement ages of all Educators? A Mehlville "First".
Richard Cheney March 02, 2013 at 07:25 AM
Paul, Lack of information or ignorance will definitely fuel the fire of your "simple list of questions". Some might even call it a mini-manifesto. What kind of people write manifestos? Anyway. Non-union teachers who are very qualified already teach in every school district in St. Louis County. Contrary to less-informed belief, there is no requirement for union membership to teach in St. Louis County, or for that matter, the State of Missouri. However, your faith in the noble non-union teacher should come into question. Not one of them is giving any money back to the district for which they work. By the way, that contract they received was probably negotiated by...wait for it...a union. Union scale without the dues. Paul, it's not too late for you to get on the teacher gravy train. There were a couple of questions you forgot to ask: Do you think non-union and union teachers should compete like the show "Survivor" to teach at a building each year? A Mehlville "first". If it's cheaper not to heat the buildings in the Winter, don't we owe it to the taxpayers? Can Mehlville secede from Missouri and St. Louis County, so we don't have to live up to the expectations of others or compete with them? Did you have a selfish child write your questions?
PaulRevere March 03, 2013 at 08:22 PM
Richard: My cause is Missouri Wide. Even a fifth grader could grasp it's intent. Workers-Teachers-superintendents- "Anyone on Payroll" does not Set their Pays based on what "THEY FEEL" they are worth or what they stipulate as their value to society. All workers in America are paid on the basis of what "similar" private jobs are paying. NOT WHAT UNION JOBS ARE PAYING. That's called Employer Affordability. Union based Public education is NOT the same as union Private industry. Unions in Private industry do compete fairly with those non-union in the same filed. That is why private unions are 100% acceptable to me. "THEY HAVE COMPETITION from the Peoples choice to use their labor or not. Schools are not a "state". Our public educators are "Stealing" taxes from our children's schools. If you are so insistent on paying for your children's education and age 58 retirements and massive pensions way beyond individual affordability, then do so. Don't demand that on the rest of the people. I say our next school should be run by ALL non-union personal. That is what I ask Board members to fight for. There should be a standardized scale set to what the people can afford. Not lotto! not Casino fees! Not tobacco sales revenue! not billion dollar tobacco settlements! Not our automobile values! Not reliance on Fed Govt grants. 30cents for children 70cents for lining pay pockets IS ROBBING our Tax dollars. No Profession in The WORLD getsPaid that way. Not even Private UNIONS.
PaulRevere March 03, 2013 at 08:54 PM
A Compensation review committee is only as good as the "representation" on that committee. I would rather see ALL public schools have one CENTRAL COMPENSATION COMMITTE. Tax paying businesses and residents having no ties to public education would best serve the needs of ALL DISTRICT RESIDENTS. Frankly, No Board member should have any (current or past) personal or Family affiliations with our public schools. Kudos to Mehlville for having some form of that in place. Allegience of most boards throughout Missouri are not on the side of the People. If it were, our educators would be reitireing at age 66 and get social security and we would all save Billions in TAXES. Our entertainment and enjoyment (smoking -casino-lotto) would be lower in cost to enjoy. Wake-up Residents. It is time to rebel for lower Property taxes set up by the enormous raises and benefits given to educators in those 90's inflation era. Rates held steady, while values enriched our Superintendents and Principals and school officials. Compensation Review needs more than just merit-based reviews. It needs Historical reviews. The numbers are frightening. Again, Mehlville is not my target. It is the whole institution of Education PAY STRUCTURE. It is obsolete. We need a whole new structure. Any Board member see that?


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