Oakville Man Gets Probation After Pleading Guilty to Assault, Fracturing Woman's Skull

Arnold Foppe pleaded guilty to a second-degree assault in which he grabbed a woman by her shirt and drove off, dragging her a few feet before letting her go and running over her with his rear wheels.

An Oakville man was placed on probation after pleading guilty March 1 to second-degree assault. St. Louis County Police said the man grabbed a woman by the shirt as she stood near his Jeep Grand Cherokee and drove off Jan. 26, 2012.

Arnold Foppe, 42, of the 3500 block of Lakeview Heights in Oakville, held onto the woman’s shirt for a few feet and let go, running her over with his rear tires, police said.

The woman suffered a fractured skull, a subdural hematoma, several fractured vertebrae and a broken elbow.

Foppe pleaded guilty to second-degree and third-degree assault March 1. A third charge, armed criminal action, was dropped.

St. Louis Judge David Vincent III sentenced Foppe to seven years in prison for the second-degree assault and suspended execution of the sentence, placing him on probation for five years.

Foppe was sentenced to time served on the third-degree assault, 196 days in jail.

St. Louis County Police said Foppe was asked to leave the Tequila Mexican Restaurant, 5496 Baumgartner, Jan. 26, 2012 because he was intoxicated and was arguing with another customer.

The victim tried to break up the argument, and her group left the restaurant shortly after Foppe, who confronted them outside.

Foppe yelled at one woman, grabbed her by the shirt and threw her against a car. The woman broke a finger, which required surgery and a pin insertion, police said.

He then got into his Jeep Grand Cherokee and drove over to the group. One woman confronted him and said she was calling the police. Foppe then grabbed her by the shirt, and drove off, dragging her a few feet before letting go.

Police said Foppe was identified because he paid his tab with a credit card.

Numerous witnesses identified him in a photo lineup.

In addition to probation, Foppe also must meet the following conditions:

  • Must wear an alcohol-monitoring device for 90 days
  • Must not drink alcohol
  • Must undergo alcohol evaluation and treatment
  • Must have an interlock system on his car if he obtains a driver’s license
  • Must have no contact with the victims
  • Must maintain fulltime employment.

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Chief Tony April 28, 2013 at 05:45 PM
7 years in, down to 5 years probation, are you kidding me!


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