Police Issue Vacate Order on South County Meth House

St. Louis County Police raided the home on Tuesday and found 20 grams of finished meth.

St. Louis County Police have placed a vacate order on a suspected meth house they raided near Oakville on Tuesday. 

The order was made Wednesday following the arrest of a 33 year old resident, and the medical evaluation and protective placement of a three year old child.

The house has been raided twice since 2011. Patch reported on the first raid of the home in June 2011. According to Fox 2 News, the second raid occurred when officers arrived at the home in the 5200 block of Camelot Estates Drive a little before 3 p.m. Tuesday afternoon. 

See our previous story: 

The St. Louis County Police Department South County Precinct responded to a call in the 5100 block of Lemay Ferry Road Tuesday. Employees of a local business reported that an individual dumped items illegally into their dumpster in the rear of the business.

Officers found remnants of eight different “one pot” meth labs in the dumpster and contacted the St. Louis County Police Department Drug Enforcement Team who responded to the scene. Their investigation into the incident led them to the Camelot Estates residence.

Once insdie the home, the County Police Department conducted a search which resulted in the confiscation of nearly 20 grams of finished product, approximately 60 grams of liquid meth, and over 150 pounds of anhydrous ammonia and other equipment that was used to produce Methamphetamine.

"This is another example of the success related to individuals in the community getting involved, and working together with the professionals in the St. Louis County Police Department to rid our neighborhoods of dangerous and criminal activities," said County Chief of Police Timothy Fitch in a release.

The Order to Vacate will remain in effect until the property owner provides a certified letter from a professional contamination abatement professional stating that the house is free of residue/contaminants relating to methamphetamine production. 


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