Police Receive New ATV for Search and Rescue Missions

Two officers were also recognized for their outstanding service.

The Third and Fourth St. Louis County Police Precincts can now perform search and rescue missions in parks and quarries, thanks to a

The ATV is something both precincts said they needed, but could not afford. Pinnacle, which owns River City and Lumiere Place casinos, donated more than $13,000 for the ATV.

The efforts of Pinnacle are one of many from businesses in South County. Approximately one year ago, several South County businesses joined together to for the South County Police Business Association (SCPBA).

This group of local entrepreneurs host fundraisers for the police, funding projects that cannot be afforded by St. Louis County.

“We want to support the officers of the third and fourth precincts,” said , the organization’s president. “They keep South County a safe place to live and work.”

Wednesday, the SCPBA got together for their first annual luncheon to present the ATV and recognize two officers as Officers of the Year.

Officer Justin Jones from the third precinct and Officer Ryan Brusca from the fourth precinct were the first to be recognized by the SCPBA.

Jones has been serving since 2007 and leads his precinct in arrests and DWI arrests, said Lt. Timothy Cunningham. Jones has also broken up two meth labs in the South County area.

“He comes in and gives eight solid hours; there’s no rest time in between,” Cunningham said. “He’s like a fourth son.”

Brusca served two tours in Iraq as a Marine before going through the Police Academy. He initially worked in West County before transferring to the South County Precinct.

Capt. Marion Monteleone said Brusca was vital when an employee was robbed at River City Casino. The police officer pursued the suspect in a car chase and eventually apprehended him in Illinois.

“The men and women of the St. Louis County Police Department are incredible,” said Sixth District County Councilman Steve Stenger. “I can’t imagine a more professional group of people to deal with.”

Stenger also gave crime statistics for both precincts. Since Jan. 1, the police have gone out on 73,800 calls for service and 53,000 calls were self-initiated.

They have made more than 7,600 arrests with 320 DWI arrests and 20,300 traffic citations. 

Patty Iverson October 20, 2011 at 10:14 PM
What a wonderful donation that will be utilized in the community in many ways. The South County Precinct has outstanding Men and Women that give back to their community in so many ways and are involved in building relationships with Business owners and citizens. Thanks Pinnacle for supporting the St. Louis County Police!
Tony Rivera October 26, 2011 at 02:41 PM
Oh good, another toy for the police that will become a "necessity" and require replacement by taxpayer money in a few years. Just how many of the miles put on this ATV do you suppose will be during "search and rescue missions in parks and quarries"?
Shan Herwig May 07, 2012 at 11:49 PM
I am so very proud of the St. Louis County Police Department which keep our community members safe as well as our businesses 24-7!!!! You do an excellent job protecting each of us in South County and appreciate so very much your response everytime we are in need of your help! Please remain safe and know that you are appreciated.


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