St. Anthony's Nurse Helps State Trooper Apprehend Suspect

Saturday night, the good samaritan helped to catch a suspected drunk driver.

Doug Beis was just going home from his shift at Saturday night when he saw an altercation involving a Missouri State Trooper and decided to help, Fox 2 reports

The trooper, 25-year-old Gabriel Gronemeyer was trying to arrest a suspected drunk driver around 7:15 p.m. After being pulled over at Interstate 55 and Meramec Bottom Road, the suspect struggled with the officer and ran away. 

Gronemeyer tried to chase the suspect, but fell on the gravel. That's when Beis stepped in. 

"My adrenaline just hit max overdrive and the thing that was going through my mind was a police officer is getting hurt by the side of the road so I slammed on the brakes and started running back toward where the altercation was taking place," Beis said in the article

Beis and another bystander held the suspect down while Gronemeyer cuffed him. 

Beis and Gronemeyer reunited Tuesday when the officer thanked Beis at Missouri Highway Patrol Troop C headquarters in Weldon Spring. 

"You don't see it too often. It is nice to see people are willing to help. You hear people badmouthing police all the time and it’s nice to see somebody stick up for the police when they see somebody that needs help," Gronemeyer said.

Jason Becks, 44, of Ste Genevieve faces assault charges, resisting arrest and drunk driving. 


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