St. Louis County Police to Focus on Illegal Fireworks Use

Fines for violation of county fireworks laws range from $50 to $1,000.

Fireworks violations will be a primary focus of St. Louis County Police Officers because of the injuries that result every year from the illegal use of explosive devices. Summonses will be issued to anyone in possession of, using or selling fireworks in St. Louis County, according to an announcement from the department. County Police also will check motorists to reduce the number of drunk drivers on streets and highways.

The term “fireworks” in the St. Louis County ordinance covers all combustible or explosives, including sparklers and magic snakes. Fines for the violations range from $50 to $1,000. Officers responding to the sights and sounds of fireworks discharges will seize remaining unexploded devices, as well as issue a summons.

Strict enforcement of traffic safety laws is a key element of the holiday enforcement program, departmental representatives said.

Patrol officers will be alert for curfew ordinance and liquor law violations which often contribute to accidents. The Highway Safety Unit will be providing patrol on the interstate highways within St. Louis County during the holiday and holiday weekends.

Chief of Police Tim Fitch stated in the news release: "The well-being of our citizens and their property is our top priority during this holiday weekend. This special enforcement has been successful in past years due to the community's cooperation. Please use common sense to prevent personal tragedy during this holiday weekend: Act responsibly, keep small children in sight and never trust the lives of loved ones to a driver who has been drinking. Finally, remember that not only are fireworks against the law in St. Louis County, but their use can be disrespectful to other residents. There are many other ways to demonstrate one's patriotism without jeopardizing the peace and tranquility of others in your neighborhood."

Russ Rosener July 02, 2012 at 03:21 PM
Do your hear that loud Sucking Sound?? It's the Big St. Louis County Revenue Vacuum coming to a neighborhood near YOU! I mean really? With all the Meth and Heroin production in StL County they're gonna look for Fireworks? Revenue Quotas are more important I guess....
Linda Bowen July 02, 2012 at 09:18 PM
Totally disagree. Dry conditions this year is creating extreme fire hazard. I personally do not want to wake up with my house on fire because I have some idiot neighbors shooting fireworks. Yes, meth and heroin production is important in St. Louis County but that work can be done the other times of year. If people would follow the law, we wouldn't have to move our police force to enforce a common sense law but people decide they are beyond the law and do it anyway. I personally say: THANK YOU, St. Louis County!! Please be sure and have a watchful eye/ear right off Forder Road. The neighbors behind me are always shooting fireworks right over our home although we've repeatedly asked them not to do so. I will be one to contact St. Louis County immediately if they do it this year because that shows what real idiots they are and have no respect for anyone else's property. If they did, why don't they shoot the fireworks over their own house? just sayin'
Russ Rosener July 02, 2012 at 10:55 PM
A $50-$250 fine for kids having Sparklers or Ash snakes is hardly the kind of law that helps ANYONE but the revenue collectors. I certainly agree that people should be respectful and not shoot bottle rockets in some else's yard. But follow this line of logic; fireworks are NOT illegal in Jefferson County this summer. Jeffco has WAY more trees and fewer fire trucks than St. Louis City or County. So why is StL county so gung-ho on enforcing this law? R-E-V-E-N-U-E. And I'm sure glad I'm not your neighbor. Would be sad if the cops pulled up to fine my kids for having sparklers.... Happy Indepenedence Day. :)


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