Trial Date Set for Point Elementary Principal

An attorney representing Point Elementary School principal Jim Walters requested a trial, which was set for July 26.

principal Jim Walters is scheduled for a trial July 26 after being issued a March 16. 

A park ranger, "observed subject Walters grab his genitals while talking to a person in his vehicle..." the citation said. The incident reportedly occurred in Forest Park at McKinley and Concourse Drive.

Walters' lawyer, Neil Bruntrager of Bruntrager and Billings law firm, requested the trial and continuance from the . 

Attorneys typically request trials when they plan to enter a not-guilty plea for their clients, Court Administrator Cathy Ruggeri-Rea said.

Walters was scheduled to appear in front of Judge James Wahl at the St. Louis municipal courthouse on Tuesday afternoon. Wahl also is expected to preside over the July 26 trial. 

Bruntrager said  of any charges filed against him.

"I firmly believe that he'll be completely vindicated in this matter," said Bruntrager in an April 24 article. Recent calls to the attorney have not been immediately returned. 

Walters was placed on . District officials said Walters will remain on leave until the investigation is complete.

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John Mehoff May 09, 2012 at 07:21 AM
I'm glad the park rangers are pro-active at stopping gay activity in Forest Park. It's supposed to be a place for families to go and enjoy themselves without a bunch of perverts doing unspeakable things in cars. This guy is going to have a hard time explaining what he was doing in Forest Park talking to another guy and fondling himself. I know that his sycophant supporters said he was jogging in Forest Park. Who drives over an hour roundtrip (with good traffic) from home just to jog? There are plenty of parks and trails in South County for him to jog. I don't buy the excuse. I'm so busy on my days off with kids’ activities and stuff to do around the house that my wife would kill me if I took over an hour out of my day to make a round trip just to jog.
bob hill May 11, 2012 at 06:50 PM
John So he is guilty because he likes to jog in Forest Park and because your busy you think its to far to drive. Great logic. Also quite obvious your wife wears the pants at your house.


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