West County Burglary Suspects Arrested in South County

A man and woman wanted by police for months in connection to a number of West County burglaries were arrested in South County Monday.

 detectives arrested two suspects in connected with a rash of recent West County burglaries in South County on Memorial Day. 

Investigators received a tip that Mark Davenport, 37, and Tonya (Broeker) Quargnenti, 33, were in rehab at St. Anthony's Highland Center in South County. Detectives conducted surveillance for three hours Monday, spotted the two and made the arrests.

"They walked into the elevator, our detectives jumped into the elevator with them and they had nowhere to go," police Captain Gary said.

Davenport was wanted in connection with a May 7 burglary on the 1500 block of South Mason Road where jewelry and laptop computers were stolen. Police believe Quargnenti was acting as Davenport's accomplice.

Hoelzer said Quargnenti pawned the jewelry from that burglary with Missouri Gold Buyers two days after the crime.

"She has a long history in the St. Louis area," Hoelzer said. He said both Quargnenti and Davenport have burglary backgrounds that date back to the 1990s.

Both are now facing burglary charges in Town and Country, but have been turned over to Des Peres police where they remain in custody.

"Right now, Des Peres has a good case," Hoelzer said. "We arrested him (Davenport) last month for breaking into a vehicle on Westminster's lot, but they've been wanted for a number of burglaries in West County."

The two were identified as suspects in thefts at in March where computers and a GPS were stolen from unlocked cars.

In addition to the burglary charge, Hoelzer said Davenport was also wanted for a parole violation.

"Looks like he'll go back and serve six years," Hoelzer said.

Police believe the two may have also been hitting Ballas Road churches for handouts.


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