Claire McCaskill Begins Second Term as U.S. Senator

Sen. McCaskill officially began her second term after taking the oath of office Thursday afternoon in Washington.

Accompanied by Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt and former Missouri Sen. Jean Carnahan, Claire McCaskill took the oath of office Thursday, thus begining her second term as Missouri senator.

McCaskill, a resident of Kirkwood, said she would focus on bettering Missouri's economy during her new term.

“I pledge to use these next six years to keep fighting as hard as I know how for the state that I love,” McCaskill said. “I plan to fight for new opportunities for my kids and grandkids, and for all young Missourians—to create more jobs, and continue my dogged effort to bring down the national debt.

"And any politician or contractor tempted to waste taxpayer dollars for their own benefit should be on notice—if I have it my way, these next six years will see a new level of accountability in government.”

McCaskill was re-elected to the senate in November after defeating former U.S. Rep. Todd Akin, R-Wildwood, by more than 15 percentage points.


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