County Employees Receive Lay-off Notices

Twenty-six employees in the parks and public works departments to be laid off.

In a move that saves St. Louis County about $4 million, County Executive Charlie Dooley announced he was laying off 26 full-time employees, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Wednesday. 

Six employees come from the public works department, while the parks department will see 20 lay-offs. Dooley also plans to terminate four part-time positions in the parks department, one full-time job in the revenue department and 25 funded, but unfilled positions. 

Dooley said the county would lay off employees after he and the County Council reached a . He originally proposed shutting down 23 St. Louis County Parks, laying off 173 employees and eliminating snowplowing in unincorporated areas when less than 2 inches accumulated.

More than  against closing the parks at a council meeting and the Open Space Council   outside the county government building in Clayton. After strong council opposition, Dooley said he  and announced the parks would stay open.  

The parks department will also see cuts in swimming pool seasons. South County's , St. Vincent Park and the North County recreation complex will have reduced seasons and maintenance work. 

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