Eardley Tops Campaign Contributions from Supporters

The Mehlville school board candidates filed their finance reports for the April 3 election.

Mehlville school board candidate raised four times more than her opponents, according to campaign finance records released Tuesday morning.

Eardley received $3,273 in monetary contributions and reported a $2,000 loan to herself, totaling $5,273.

The Citizens for Kathleen Eardley spent $4,696.63; $1,563.56 on mailers from Gateway Digital Press, $1,480.06 on yard signs, $270 on stamps, $150 to rent the hall of , $961.01 for food, printed materials and an advertisement in the Call, $22 for checks at Commerce Bank and $250 to the Committee to Elect Marsha Haefner for a fundraising event.

The following people donated $100 or more to Eardley:
Ronald Rinard from Westlake, Texas: $100
Harold and Ruth Tompkins from The Villages, Florida: $100
Vernon and Kathy Eardley, Edwardsville, Illinois: $100
Woodstile Properties on Telegraph Road in Oakville: $200

Jamey Murphy, Eardley’s relative and a legislative staff member for Sen. Jim Lembke (R-Lemay), treasures her committee, the Citizens for Kathleen Eardley.

Two other candidates received the majority of their contributions from a fishbowl fundraiser hosted by the Missouri National Education Association (NEA) on March 14.

received $535 from the fundraiser, where attendees passed around a bowl and had a $100 limit cap on contributions at in Oakville.

He reported $745 in total contributions; $110 of in-kind contributions, a $100 loan to himself and $535 in monetary contributions from the fundraiser.

Fedorchak did not list any expenses, having $635 on hand when the report window closed March 22.

Candidates were required to file a report by March 26 if the combination of contributions or expenses added up to $1,000 or more, excluding personal expenses.

was the second candidate at the NEA fundraiser, earning $585. He also reported $85.50 of in-kind contributions, totaling $670.50.

Wainz spent $588.09 on yard signs from in Oakville.

Both candidates headed their own committees—Ron Fedorchak for Mehlville School Board and the Committee to Elect Mike Wainz for Mehlville School Board.

A fourth candidate, , did not file an expense report. Cliff Freebersyser with the St. Louis County Election Board said this was typical with candidates who did not form a committee and received or spent less than $1,000.

Liz March 28, 2012 at 11:50 AM
I appreciate that 3 of the 4 candidates chose to be transparent in their spending, especially since 2 of them were not even required to file the report. I am impressed with the careful spending of money by Wainz and Fedorchak. The fact that they spent so little on their campaigns speaks to how they will vote to spend the district's money. It shows they are truly the most fiscally responsible of the 4 candidates! My votes will be cast for number 1 and 2 on the ballot- Fedorchak and Wainz.
Ruth H. May 08, 2012 at 03:14 PM
$5,000 plus toward a campaign for a volunteer position?! Her brother attacks the teachers' union? Tacky. Her father rushes to her defense? How old is she that "daddy" has to defend her from public comments? Weak. After reading about her, it smells like she is being used to fulfill someone(s) or some party's agenda. Since when did school boards become political? Politics has no business when it comes to doing what is best for children and that includes respecting teachers and investing in education, not tearing them down because people are only concerned only about costs. Inflation has affected everyone INCLUDING schools. Teachers need raises if you want to retain and attract high quality teachers. Kids need updated busses, buildings, math and science programs if they are to keep up with other schools in the area.


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