New Popeye’s, Burger King Possible on Butler Hill at I-55

Developers hope to turn an 11-acre lot at the highway and Butler Hill Road into two fast food restaurants, two sit-down restaurants and a car repair shop.

Developers are eyeing the open fields on Butler Hill Road at Interstate 55 for four new restaurants—including a Popeye’s Chicken and a Burger King—and an oil and lube car repair shop.

MidAmerica Hotels Corporation, which owns the 10.95-acre tract on the south side of Butler Hill Road, presented its plan to the St. Louis County Planning Commission Monday night as part of a re-zoning request. The developers are hoping to change their zoning so they won’t have to pay traffic generation assessment fees, which would cost $90,000 just for one restaurant. The request would change the area from a Planned Commercial District to a Highway Service Commercial District.

“Most developers today are having a hard enough time borrowing money,” said John King, the attorney representing MidAmerica Hotels Corporation. “Banks will not give them $90,000 just for traffic generation assessment fees.”

Commission chairman Wayne Hilzinger agreed that getting bank loans to finance traffic generation assessment fees is extremely difficult.

If the commission agrees to change the area’s zoning to avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees, it could mean new businesses and jobs in an area that has sat vacant for more than 10 years.

At the planning commission meeting, King presented the developers’ plan to build a Popeye’s Chicken restaurant and to move a Burger King restaurant from across I-55 over into this lot. King also said they plan to build two sit-down restaurants and an “oil and lube”-style car maintenance facility.

The Missouri Department of Transportation said developers should provide a traffic impact study to show how the new restaurants would affect traffic before zoning is approved. 

hoss August 13, 2012 at 07:12 PM
I am so glad to see that the above tea partier want more low wage jobs for the south county.area. Fried chickem places and hbirger jpints are hardly the kind of jobs which any young person can build any kind of future upon. When the Drury bros decide to create jobs with a future then I will such job I will support that kind of development for our area
Teresa Krejci December 04, 2012 at 01:12 AM
A low paying job is better than no job, and completely sponging off tax payers money. Though it wouldn't be an extravigant life style, it is possible to carve a life out of fast food restaurant employment! I did it for years; I'd still be doing it now had I not become too sick to work and had to apply for disability. So, the next time you feel the need to degrade someone or something, please be sure to first have all possible facts, and second proofread your comments before posting so they're much easier to comprehend. We don't want to look under educated while chastising others for promoting jobs that don't require college educations, such as your posting demonstrates, now do we?


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