Police Beef Up Security At Some St. Louis County Polling Places

St. Louis County Police Department will add extra patrols at all St. Louis County polling places under its jurisdiction during the Tuesday, Nov. 6, General Election.

The St. Louis County Police Department will focus extra attention on polling places located in the unincorporated areas of St. Louis County Tuesday, as well as the municipalities that St. Louis County police contract out to and serve.

"Presidential elections generally bring large voter turnouts, which are expected this year," said St. Louis County police officer Randy Vaughn on Monday.

“We have not had many problems in recent years,” said St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch in a news release. “Most participants have kept their focus on their right to vote.

"During all elections, we want our citizens to be assured that they can perform their patriotic duty in a safe manner.”

However, if your polling place is located within a city that is served by its own police department, like the City of Hazelwood, then any extra patrols are determined by your city's local police department.

Hazelwood Police Sgt. Andy Eagan said HPD would not increase police presense around town for election day.


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