Stenger, Pousosa to Run for County Council

The two will face off for the Sixth District, which includes Mehlville and Oakville.

St. Louis County Councilman Steve Stenger (D-Affton) didn’t have an opponent until the last day of filing when Green Park Alderman Anthony Pousosa threw his name in Tuesday morning for the Sixth District. The winner in November will serve a four-year term on the council. 

Pousosa, a Republican, has been the Ward I representative for the City of Green Park since 2007, and works as a staff nurse at Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

In a release, Pousosa said he would not accept a county budget that continues to allow patronage and political hires at the taxpayers’ expense.

“We must continue to balance our county budget without any tax increase. Cutting low wage park jobs and not filling “non-patrolling” police positions is not the way to trim a top-heavy budget,” he said. 

If elected, Pousosa said he would oppose a merger between St. Louis City and St. Louis County and work against extending contracts for the county’s eight trash districts.

Incumbent Stenger voted against extending the contracts in May, but the five-year extension passed 5-2.

Stenger has served as the Sixth District councilman since 2008 and grew up in Affton.

He holds a law degree from Saint Louis University and is a CPA. In addition to the council, he works at Klar, Izak & Stenger, L.L.C. law firm.

On the council, Stenger opposed County Executive Charlie Dooley’s and a 2012 budget that called for more than 170 layoffs and the closure of 23 county parks.

Stenger and fellow councilman Mike O’Mara formed a special budget committee, which led the council to a compromise in December. The county did not close any parks, but .

Stenger also served as the council chairman in 2011.

Township Committeepersons File

Filing for township committeemen and committeewomen closed Tuesday and the following candidates will be on the ballot in the August election.

Oakville Township Committeeperson
Joan Barry, Democrat
Earl C Blasé, Democrat
Celeste Witzel, Republican
Kurt Witzel, Republican

Tesson Ferry Township Committeeperson
Jane Koeller, Democrat
Jim Barrett, Democrat
Anita Zolman, Republican
John Judd, Republican

Lemay Township Committeeperson
Sally Hodges, Democrat
Mike Koeller, Democrat
Teresa Douglas, Republican
Jacqueline (Jackie) Simon, Republican
Alan D. Leaderbrand, Republican
Nathan Brekel, Republican
Randy L. Howard, Republican

mike heins March 28, 2012 at 10:50 PM
I can tell you as a trustee of our subdivsion that we are paying about half of what we would have prior to the new trash districts.I don't follow the intricacies of the contracts and their extensions but we are very glad with the program in the Towne South Estates Addition.
Fern wolf November 06, 2012 at 01:11 AM
Don't live in this district but while driving my girls to indoor soccer practice I noticed a woman pulling election signs out of the ground at the corner of union and Lindbergh. I turned into the corner bank parking lot as the woman sped off on Lindbergh. The only sign left standing was a stenger sign and on the ground were 3 pousosa signs. I googled the names on my iPhone to find out why the pousosa signs would've been pulled out? Nothing worth while found so way to keep it classy Stenger fan! I put the pousosa sings back up and left the stenger sign up as well. Don't really care who wins as I live in webster but hate to see cheating on either side.


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