Sue Schoemehl, Democratic Candidate for State Senate District 1

The former representative is making her first bid for state senate.

General Information

Name : Ms. Sue Schoemehl
Age : 58
Place of residence : 2629 Bluff Ridge Drive, St. Louis, MO 63129



Attended college : Yes
College : Meramec Community College
Degree : Certified Dental Assistance Program, Graduated and Certified
Year of graduation : 1973

Employment Information

Job titles held : Dental Assistant / Office Manager
Employers : Harvey Lehrer DDS

Political Information

Party affiliation : Democrat
Running for a: State office
Running for position: State Senate
Chamber/district: Senate District 1
Incumbent: No
First elected: 05 November 2012
Previous elective offices : Missouri State Representative District 100 2003-2010
Unsuccessful bids for elective offices : NONE

Party HQ

Address 11100 Mueller Drive
St. Louis, MO 63123


Website : sue@sueschoehmehl.com
Twitter : www.twitter.com/sueschoemehl
Facebook : www.facebook.com/SueSchoemehl

Other facts

Reason for Seeking Office: After working on behalf of thousands of Oakville area residents in the Missouri House for eight years, I am gravely concerned by what has been transpiring in the state senate. Rightfully residents are aware and bothered by current lawmakers in Jefferson City who put politics ahead of pressing needs. Ready again to address quality of life issues important to the area, I am anxious to do the work too many in Jefferson City have yet to begin, especially when it comes to putting people back to work, shoring up our schools and providing taxpayers real value.

Besides too many people still being unemployed, many other area residents find themselves underemployed in jobs that really don't match up to their skills or family needs. While I recognize government alone is not the solution to all of today's economic challenges, Missouri's State Senate does require more leadership in order to help Missouri residents survive in today's competitive environment. Jobs are going to other states and countries because at times we have not properly invested in people or infrastructure. Without a doubt, community-based businesses drive job creation and it's up to state lawmakers to make sure they have a level playing field against large corporations from outside Missouri.

While serving in the Missouri House of Representatives I championed efforts to make it easier for adults to complete their college education and earn a degree. Education means better opportunities for people who need just a little more time to achieve their goals. Universities and colleges should be encouraged to reach out to help individuals who need 12 or less credit hours to graduate.

Keeping Missouri Jobs Here; it is unacceptable for corporations to take state tax breaks and then move jobs out of Missouri to foreign countries. I will work relentlessly to require businesses that move jobs out of state to refund or be held liable for any tax breaks they have received.

Making Sure Local Schools Get Their Fair Share from the State; today's classrooms need to be properly equipped with the best tools and educators available in order to provide students a quality education. However, that becomes more difficult when the state becomes unable to fully fund, or fairly fund area school districts. Making sure greater equity exists, and local districts get their fair share is a priority for families throughout South County.

Nursing Home, Assisted Living Reform; it's the responsibility of nursing homes, assisted living facilities and their administrators to create a system that better guarantees patient safety for Missouri seniors. I was proud to advance legislation requiring physician orders be immediately implemented for residents of any nursing home or assisted living facility, upon their return from either the hospital or like facility. Tax Credits; during last year's special session of the Missouri legislature there was an effort to end the circuit breaker property tax cut for renters.

This would have had a dramatic impact on seniors and people with disabilities. Fortunately for now seniors can rest knowing they are protected but the state senate still is made up of too many whom still want to see this senior assistance go by the way side.

As state senator in South County, seniors in my district would know they have someone who is on their side, looking out for them.


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