Zia's Food Truck Gets the Boot from Sunset Hills

The Italian food truck's visit to St. Louis Bread Company was cut short Wednesday. A city employee said there's currently no ordinance allowing food trucks to operate.

Updated: Nov. 15, 4 p.m.

Zia's on the Hill, who notified Patch Wednesday morning they'd be heading to Sunset Hills, didn't have the successful lunch they expected.

The city allegedly asked the food truck to leave their spot near St. Louis Bread Co.'s corporate headquarters.

Zia's apologized to customers on their Facebook page for the abbreviated visit.

"We will do what we can to get back there, but it doesn't look very promising," they said.

A handful of other St. Louis-area trucks, including Papa Tom's Fancy Franks and Sarah's Meltdown, have frequented the city within the past few months to serve lunch at Geyer Road office buildings, Laumeier Sculpture Park, and even the Route 66 Car Show in August.

But a city employee told Patch food trucks have never technically been allowed in Sunset Hills.

There's currently no city ordinance that allows these mobile businesses to set up shop within city limits, Assistant City Engineer Wesley Searcy said. That includes Laumeier Sculpture Park. 

Adding the allowance would require a Board of Aldermen vote, which Searcy said would open up discussion how the city would enforce St. Louis County Health Department requirements, look into vendor histories, and "ensure vendors are good, wholesome, and clean."

Searcy said he wasn't sure if the Board of Aldermen will choose to pursue legislation.

Zia's is the only food truck that has been asked to leave, which drew the ire of the St. Louis Food Truck Association Wednesday night.

"We are trying to figure out how coming to feed the good people of Sunset Hills is any different than catering or delivery," read the Association's latest Facebook post. "WAIT I know what the difference is when we come sell to you direct the city of SUNSET HILLS gets tax revenue!! When we cater or deliver they don't get a DIME!! So why would you not want us sending you money??"

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