Academic Olympics in Mehlville Schools Showcase Student Achievement

"There's a group of students who don't always get recognition about going above and beyond," said Jeremy Booker, principal of Blades Elementary School.

Last week's winter storm didn't stop the Mehlville School District from holding its Academic Olympics at Oakville Senior High School on Saturday. 

As shown in a video posted to the district's YouTube page, students were excited to test their knowledge and work as a team during the academic competition. 

"We have athletics that show up - about how great they are in football and basketball - but what is a school district all about? It's about learning, and this showcases that for these kids," said Sandy Applegate, of the Mehlville-Oakville Foundation, in the YouTube video. Applegate coordinated the olympics this year.

"There's a group of students who don't always get recognition about going above and beyond," said Jeremy Booker, principal of Blades Elementary School, in the video. "They stay in from recess to help out, to study, and they work as a team, which is exciting."

Congratulations to the following students, who won in each of the categories listed:


  • 4th Grade:
    1. Adam Burton, Blades
    2. Alexa Davidson, Bierbaum
    3. Chloe Ashchenbrenner, Point
  • 5th Grade:
    1. Rylie Sandvoss, Beasley
    2. Ricky Dillon, Wohlwend
    3. Thomas Schartner, Point
  • 6th Grade:
    1. Joe McClure, Buerkle  
    2. Nathan Long, Bernard  
    3. Kyle Mourning, Buerkle
  • 7th Grade: 
    1. Madison Agers, Bernard
    2. Stephen Reddick, Oakville 
    3. Telemi Oja, Buerkle 
  • 8th Grade: 
    1. Darren Ulrich, Buerkle 
    2. Luke Sailor, Buerkle 
    3. Katie Januska, Oakville 


  • 4th Grade:
    1. Michael Fetter, Oakville
    2. Angelina O’Brien, Hagemann
    3. Justin Crawford, Beasley
  • 5th Grade:
    1. Jack Parcell, Point
    2. Tommy Jackson, Oakville
    3. Kevin Nguyen, Wohlwend
  • 6th Grade:
    1. Meredith Bayer, Oakville
    2. Caitlin Blanchard, Bernard
    3. Nathan Przygoda, Oakville
  • 7th Grade:
    1. Louis Luong, Oakville
    2. Anna Watts, Washington
    3. Bridget Costello, Oakville
  • 8th Grade: 
    1. Anna Herman, Washington 
    2. Shaun Lamar, Bernard 
    3. Carolyn Ream, Bernard 


  • 4th Grade:
    1. Andrea Gandhi, Point 
    2. Jenna Riggs, Trautwein 
    3. Lara Wulff, Wohlwend 
  • 5th Grade: 
    1. Lindsey Carroll, Trautwein 
    2. Alex Williams, Beasley 
    3. Nina Davis, Blades 


  • 6th Grade: Mia Wigger, Buerkle 
  • 7th Grade: Alex Palozola, Buerkle 
  • 8th Grade: Kimmy Komrska, Oakville 


  • 6th Grade: Justin McCrady, Bernard 
  • 7th Grade: Leah Depasquale, Washington 
  • 8th Grade: Hiba Al-Ramini, Bernard 


  • Elementary Schools:
    1. Amanda Fitzwilliam, Emma Hitt, Quinlan Keys, Kaile Kalton, Rogers A 
    2. Maddie Brutton, Cailyn Hickman, Austin Hernandez, Mady Baker, Rogers B 
    3. Sean Brockman, John Emelko, Chris Hopwood, Dalajid Dizdarevic, Bierbaum A 
  • Middle Schools:
    1. Landon Eggers, John Hubble, Kai Hoffman, Caleb Roth, Bernard C 
    2. Sabria Bender, Ashton Lively, Adrian Tregler, Ryan McClure, Washington C 
    3. Katie Furrer, Maddie Bayer, Joey Fritsche, Tommy Shotton, Oakville B 

Read about the Academic Olympics events from March 2012 and February 2011 on Patch.


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