Mehlville Auditorium Foundation 90 Percent Complete

Work above ground should go quickly now.

The new Mehlville School District Auditorium is on target and under budget, according to Mehlville School District Director of Communications John Wolff.

He said 90 percent of the underground work is completed, so the rest of the project should go smoothly, depending on the weather.

Wolff said the district set aside extra funds to pay for any extra expenses that came up, but there weren't any. That means a covered walkway between the school and auditorium will be included ahead of schedule.

He said more advanced electronics and stage equipment will come later.

The 525-seat auditorium is the first of its kind for the district. Wolff said the auditorium isn’t a luxury.

“It’s part of the curriculum," Wolff said. "You want to be a drama student, a lighting student, a set designer, how are you going to do it without having an auditorium?”

A recent article featured Mehlville students who will perform in the auditorium when it’s finished.

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Mike Stevens February 07, 2013 at 12:15 PM
Sure it's part of the curriculum, but how is it accessible to students at Oakville High School? They can really only work in the auditorium when either Mehlville High students are not there, or after school since they will need transportation to and from the auditorium. Also, if I recall correctly Mehlville High school already has an area where drama students could practice and set designer students could work, in the current drama stage center. In all honesty it seems to me that this auditorium, which just so happens to be built at the high school with the most traffic on the road (on Lemay Ferry) so that lots of people can "see what we did." In my opinion, the $6 million could have been spent directly on students, but then that wouldn't be as visible. When I see that Lindbergh High School, probably the best high school in the state, builds an auditorium then we'll know there is value to the students.
PaulRevere February 07, 2013 at 11:52 PM
When projects are "justified" by school officials as being "necessary" for "future Drama students", then we all should ask--Why does a future Drama Student cost all Students $6mil and ongoing future maintenance-- hint!-Tax rate increases. Coming attraction!--All Businesses will be paying higher Real estate taxes to support these unnecessary Public education buildings. Schools need Classrooms for the majority of Students., not auditoriums for a few. BASIC EDUCATION should be society's obligation ---Not full facilities for wannabe's. and athletic or hollywood careers. Good grief! This is Grade school and High school !! Prepare for that announcement of necessary tax increases for more classrooms and much needed Technology for 90% of the student body. Stop justifying all these building facilities as somehow necessary for "education". Our elementary public schools should not be training grounds for "careers" of students. (Those costs should be paid directly by Parents desiring those programs). That is how all education schools operate. That is a choice for each individual, not the choice of school officials. Elementary "free" public education in Missouri was not mandated with career training or preparation in mind. No public funds should be spent on career incentive projects. Three R's--that is all we should be paying for. The auditorium IS A LUXURY, when Teachers are leaving the school for more Pay.
Cur Mudgeon February 10, 2013 at 06:05 PM
What other school districts of this size do you know that do not have auditoriums (aka performing arts centers)? Fox has had one for a long time -- a very nice one. Ste. Genevieve High School, a rural district, with a population HALF of Oakville (and about one-fourth of Oakville and Mehlville combined) opened a Performing Arts Center last year. @Mike: according to the Lindbergh HS website, their grade-level classes met in -- the auditorium! Pictures show a stage, a screen, and seats. Oh, and I don't know how you're measuring "best in the state" but that usually goes to Clayton or Metro.


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