Mehlville-Oakville High School Bowling League Signing New Members

Come to Du Bowl Lanes Thursday afternoon to sign up for the high school bowling team and bowl a few rounds.

The Mehlville/Oakville High School Bowling League is looking for new teammates.

To sign up, come to Du Bowl Lanes Thursday from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. Students do not need any bowling experience to sign up.

"It's so neat to see these kids when they bowl," said Darla Hemrick, whose son bowls on the team. "For these high school kids, you can just tell that part of being in high school is peing part of a team of something."

So far, the team has about 11 Oakville and four Mehlville students. 

The team practices once a week on Thursdays and plays on Sundays.

Colleges also offer scholarships for their competitive bowling teams.

For more information, call Sean Hutton at 314-603-5571.


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